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Gluten Free Fish and Chips: from Ian Mead on 2008-10-16


I have recently returned from a few days in Dorset and would strongly recommend Alf's Fish & Chip shop at 2 Lynch Road Weymouth 01305 783342 where I had cod and chips cooked in the chip oil, so no possibility of contamination. Absolutely marvellous. Mostly take-away but Alf has two tables for anyone eating in the shop

Gluten Free Fish and Chips: from maybe on 2008-10-21

You can buy wonderful gluten free fish and chips in Hawes.North Yorkshire . Also cooked in separate fryer and a sitting in cafe with great staff. Good area to go for camping holidays or weekends away. There is also a gluten free freezer shop which supplies cakes,puddings, pastry,pork pies. steak pies and too many other goodies to mention

Re Gluten Free Fish and Chips: from saarh edwards on 2008-11-04

Just had absolutely delicious gluten free fish & chips from Youngers fish bar at 73 Caerphilly Road,Birchgrove,Cardiff, they cook gluten free fish &chips on the 1st and 3rd monday in the month,this was my first fish &chips for six years since being diagnosed with coeliac's and it was wonderful

Gluten Free Fish and Chips: from Gilly on 2010-10-14

Come to Fareham Hantson a Saturday or Tuesday and enjoy specially cooked GF battered fish in. Its on the main street opposite the big church.It is a delight to indulge there