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gluten free flours/chapattis: from fozi on 2008-09-06

I notice i can use a lot of different flour alternatives and there are many manufacturers. Just a couple of questions which i would appreciate advice with.

1) Do i need to be careful about brands of these flour and are some manufacturers more likely to be contamination free. I bought various flours to do baking and now am not sure re milling process/contamination. Is this really an issue with rice flour, millet flour etc or should they be ok. im particularly thinking about asian foods and even things like rice noodles produced by companies who also produce wheat noodles. If any one has trused brands i would appreciate your comments.

2) Being a new coeliac, with a south asian diet, im not sure what to make chapattis/roti with, i read e using millet , juwar flour, anyone with any good recipes please help! Thanks v much

gluten free flours/chapattis: from Stephanie on 2008-09-09

You should try the chia seed flour from nuchiafoods.com. It is certified gluten-free and is made in a facility that only produces gluten-free products. You can order online for only $6.89 for a 22oz bag. It can replace traditional wheat flour 1:1. Good luck