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Re: sticking to gluten free diet: from Peter on 2001-11-19

An excellent discussion


gluten free 100\% for life: from on 2002-04-19

I have just been diagnosed with Coeliac's disease and am curious to know what it really means to be gluten free 100\% for life. I have read some scary things like you shouldn't use a grill which might have had food with gluten cooked under it for risk of contamination. I am philosophical about the disease. I want to follow a gluten free diet, and thereby put on weight and sort out my anaemia, but if after, say a year of strict adherence, I accidentally eat something with gluten in it what will happen? I guess my stomach may feel a bit uncomfortable (a current problem), but will it completely undo all the good work I've been doing over the past year, or will it just be a minor setback from which my stomach will quickly recover? With all the will in the world, some gluten may slip through the net. Will it make a lot of difference?


Re: gluten free 100\% for life: from Peter Thomson on 2002-04-21

In the first month after starting a completely gluten free diet it is possible to develop super-sensitivity that can produce a shock reaction. This is not common.
After a longer period on the diet the response to occasional inadvertent gluten can be very slight, or it may produce discomfort, or a wide range of symptoms. However don't assume that because you find you get no symptoms it doesn't matter. You must do your best to keep to the diet for your long term health.

Most of the problems with reacting to gluten result from long term exposure, and the occasional mistake won't undo the good of sticking to the diet.

There is a point that worrying whether there might be contamination is more dangerous than the contamination itself.


Re: Gluten Free Muesli: from on 2002-05-29


Does any one in the uk know where you can Gluten free muesli from the web

Re: Gluten Free Muesli: from on 2002-05-29


Does any one in the uk know where you can Gluten free muesli from the web

Re: gluten free 100\% for life: from on 2002-08-03

This may be the answer to my question in the new thread about super sensitivity after a couple of months on a GF diet. Any idea of what causes this "shock reaction" to small doses? Could it be a sign that the intestines are healing and are now able to mount a more potent reaction to the gluten then they were capable of in the damaged state?

Dick D

Re: gluten free 100\% for life: from Peter on 2002-08-06

That is a possible explanation

Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-02-23

Our daughter has today been diagnosed with an intolerance to wheat and to exclude it from her diet for one month. Can anyone tell me does this = Gluten free? We are a little confused as we have just purchased a gluten free bread mix that contains wheat and we are not sure whether she can have this. Any help appreciated . Thanks

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Peter on 2004-02-25

If your daughter has been tested by a doctor, she should have had blood tests for coeliac, as well as other tests before going on a gluten-free or wheat free diet.

Wheat intolerance and gluten-intolerance are not quite the same thing. If the diagnosis is wheat intolerance then she should not eat anything derived from wheat.

There are many people diagnosed with gluten-intolerance who will not eat anything derived from wheat even though the manufacturers claim that the gluten has been removed. ( I am one of these)

Take great care if re-introducing wheat into the diet after one month. If she does have an intolerance of wheat, the symptoms may be far worse.


gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from on 2004-03-22

I am interested in finding a place where I can can purchase all my daily vitamins, herbs, and supplements and to state on the bottle/jar that they have no gluten in them, and be able to purchase them at reasonable prices.


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