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Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Peter on 2007-01-25

Ben sent me a sample of his Gluten-free Pilsner Beer.
I thought that we would test it at our club party with regular beer drinkers who consider themselves to be a good judge of a pint. They were told that it was a bottled pilsner beer, but no more about it.

The verdict was extremely favourable, with the majority considering it to have an excellent flavour.

The testers didn't know it was a GF beer, so this is definitely not a second rate substitute. It is a good beer in its own right.

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from mrs keelie dale on 2007-02-06

what supermakets can i buy gf alcoholic drinks from e.g. larger,alcoh pops thanks

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from desiree on 2007-02-25

don't feed your daughter wheat or gluten. If you can, shop at Whole Foods, they have a great selection of gluten free cereals, gluten free pasta, etc. You can also shop on line for gluten free foods by doing a search for gluten free food in google.com

Good luck, she will feel better when she doesn't eat wheat or gluten.

gluten free crisps: from kerry on 2007-02-28

can anyone help me,does anyone know what crisps are gluten free? as my son has to take a packet to school.thank you.

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from JUAN HERNANDEZ on 2007-03-06

how does uk gluten free beer compare to us gluten free beer?

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from donna stevenson on 2007-03-14

Can gf beer be purchased in the states?

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Helen Boyer on 2007-03-17

Do you have a gluten free oatmeal? Where can i purchase it.

Thank you,


Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from nichola woods on 2007-04-12


i have recently started to take st johns wort (boots brand) and was wondering if they are gluten free? the pharmacist was really unsure.

are there any lists of vitamins and suppliments that are gluten free that you know of? thanks x

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from Peter on 2007-04-12

The tincture of St Johns Wort will be gluten-free.

There are no details of whether gluten may have been added as a filler to tablet form.

Note that anyone with allergy problems should seek advice from their doctor before taking this. In my opinion anyone needing a gluten-free diet should seek this advice.

St Johns Wort can cause sensitivity to sunlight and skin rash as well as interacting with other medicines.

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from Ann on 2007-04-13

Please can anyone tell me if gelatine is gluten free?

Many thanks x

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