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Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from kathy on 2007-06-15

I came across a bakery totally Wheat and gluten free.


Outof New York. Go to website for info. I had to call. Look under "wholesale" info for number. Products look good and guaranteed wheat and gluten free.

Some Wegmans carry it. Enjoy your day!!!

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from sandra on 2007-06-16

where can I get unflavoured gelatine.is it available in powder form

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from Peter on 2007-06-16

Supercook gelatine is in powder form, available from most superstores.

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from karleigh on 2007-06-16

I think there is totally a link between gluten and polycystic ovaries. I have had 4-6cm cysts since I was 14 till last year (when i was 22). Since new years this year, I have been gluten free (having less dairy also) and since 2 months ago, I have been vegetarian (all the hormones pumped into our meat, no good for those with hormonal disorders, I say!).

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and guess what, those pesky big cysts have disapeared! My periods are no longer as painful and I have alot more energy. I have heard going gluten free for a year enables you to get pregnant much easier. Awesome. Just think , if you are gluten sensitive (at least), and you keep eating gluten, your body isn't getting the nutrients as the villi disapear when you eat it. Alot of people can't get pregnant or miscarry as their body doesn't have enough nutrients for the baby. I'm interested to know the statistics if babies have been born with problems due to their mothers gluten intolerance... I want to be as healthy as I can so that I can give my future child the best start.....

I'm gluten sensitive with polycystic ovaries. Hope this helps someone!

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from gail beausoleil on 2007-06-17

you can buy gluten free beer -at- whole food markets in the u.s. it is made from sorgum.. not bad..I am also cecliac's..what kind of alcohol can I drink..does any one know..thanks gail

Re: Gluten Free dining: from Laura Leadbetter on 2007-07-05


Just browsing this site, can you tell me where I can obtain dietary cards please.

Would you think they would be delivered by Monday if I ordered.

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Cindy on 2007-07-06

Has anyone ever heard of or know of anyone with a toddler that has balance and walking problems due to a gluten intolerance? Our son is 2 years old and still unable to walk unsupervised. He is so unsteady, almost a stagger, very poor balance and very weak. He fatigues very quickly. The doctors are stumped but currently testing him for Ataxia. He also has hemophilia which is a dangerous combination. Any info would be great. We just started him on a gluten free diet about 3 weeks ago because we read some research that gluten produces antibodies that attack the cerebellum which cause balance and gait problems. Very little research and info out there about it so it is just a shot in the dark.

Gluten Free Sausage: from Joanna on 2007-08-08

I live in Hertfordshire and we have just discovered a very pleasant butchers who produces organic gluten free sausage which are excellent. He freezes them separately so they are easy to use. We also asked him about cross contamination and he was happy to re-assure us that the gluten free sausage is always made first and the machine is thoroughly cleaned prior to the process being commenced

The Butcher is


Sandridgebury Farm

Sandridgebury Lane

St Albans


01727 852152

Thought it was worth passing on

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Ben Cowell on 2007-11-15

Hi all those who were looking forward to a gluten free pilsner beer, & boy did!

I have a new one coming in the spring. I’m sorry about the delay, it was out of my control! I have a new site which you reach via my own page: ben -at- beecee.org.

Cheers till next year (yes it almost that time)!


Ben Cowell

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from littletamale on 2008-04-15

Your story is all too familiar to mine, and I was wondering if you found any help!!

I have PCOS, and have not been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, but I get severe cramps/bloating/gas when I eat anything related to bran(especially),oats, grains, beans, ect. I, too, find that rice is much better for my stomach, but this only exacerbates the PCOS. I feel like I can't eat anything except meat, fruit, and some vegetables....which makes it complicated when you are always on-the-go

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