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Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Kevin Doyle on 2009-09-13

I have been drinking cider lately but it is no substitute for beer is it? Imagine my joy on tasting Hambletons GFL. I have never been a lager drinker and to describe this wonderful drink as lager does it a grave injustice. GFL reminds me of Deuchars IPA but it is slightly stronger. It is so tasty that I am sure that lager drinkers won't like it. Also, I have had the whole Greens range now and have been impressed but GFL has that real British hoppy quality. I can't wait to get my hands on a GFA next.

I bought mine from ASDA in Portsmouth.


Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Stuart Evans on 2010-02-21

Annhauser Busch(Budweiser) produce Redbridge in the USA,Its widely available through Walmart

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from isaac james on 2010-03-30

did you ever find out about greens in pittsburgh? I am heading there from Canada this weekend and would love to try it. can't find it up here,

as for gluten free there, i know red bridge is popular and easily available in the u.s

most large grocery stores/walmarts have it.

but i would love to try greens

Gluten free chocolate: from karen on 2010-04-06

Does any on know of a gluten/wheat free plain chocolate that is all 100\% free from including cross contamination of dairy and soy?

Also, the same for Cornflakes or Rice Krispies type cereals and cocoa?

I'm aware of the PPM issues and thats theres no chance of these products being a reality but if you don't ask!!


Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread Recipes: from Krista Catlow on 2010-05-10

Hello Margaret,

Would you mind emailing me the recipes you have for yeast free and gluten free bread. I too have the SD253 and am struggling to find any recipes that produce good quality bread.

Many many thanks for the offer,


Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Karyn Shanlin on 2010-05-12


I got it this week in Waitrose.


gluten free crisps: from barbara on 2010-07-05

Smiths crisps are gf.

also Asda do one their own brand.. and maybe th e other stores do

I am looking for a good soda bread recipe as I am lactose intolerant and yeast free

I live in Nottingham and are also looking for a holiday. maybe on where I can learn more cookery of this darned problem, or challenge

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Savita Dabasia on 2010-09-29

Is singoda flour (indian water chestnut flour) the same as buckwheat flour? I'm also trying different ways of making wheat-free chapatis as my son is allergic. We tried a form of singoda flour freshly milled in India but it brought him out in a bit of eczema so am not sure if it was contaminated when it was being milled. The singoda flour I did use was excellent for making chapatis but am reluctant to try an off-the-shelf packet if it is considered being from the wheat family - the off-the-shelf packets state the ingredients as only singoda, nothing else, so may be a more reliable than the one I used. Any thoughts

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2010-09-29

Singoda flour is quite unrelated to buckwheat flour, and no relation to wheat.

Contamination in the milling process is often a problem where small amounts of different flours are being produced. Look for brands that confirm they are milled in a separate mill to wheat.

Gluten Free Fish and Chips: from Gilly on 2010-10-14

Come to Fareham Hantson a Saturday or Tuesday and enjoy specially cooked GF battered fish in. Its on the main street opposite the big church.It is a delight to indulge there