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Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from Peter on 2004-03-24

The big supermarkets usually have excellent quality control.
I get all my requirements from them.


Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-04-23

Wheatfree does not mean it is gluten free. Gluten can be found in wheat, barley,
rye and possibly oats. Canadian celiacs, I understand, are allowed to eat oats,
but those of us in the US are told not to. The reasoning being that the oats are
harvested, hauled, and stored in the same places as wheat. Nothing is kept grain specific so there could be cross contamination between the two grains. I was
diagnosed 3 years ago---I love oatmeal--someday I'm going to be brave and eat
some, however the results of eating gluten are still too vivid in my mind.
The other thing to keep in mind is all the other names for things with gluten in them, such as malt, modified food starch and vegetable protein

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-05-05

Hi, I have been diagnosed with ibs - wheat and gluten intolerance. If I eat wheat I am either sick, or have to run to the loo. I always bloat, my stomach sometimes feels like it is going to burst. It is so uncomfortable and painfull. I am always constipated and feel horrible all the time. I think I have been suffering from this for many years but only recently diagnosed. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome which aggrevates the ibs. Due to pcos I have gained 9 stone in weight and .......... it is not my fault!! (contary to popular belief) What I want to know is what can I eat? I eat rice based products that seem to help but am told not to due to pcos. H E L P

gluten free chappatti flour: from on 2004-05-14

hi, my husband can not tolerate gluten products please can you help me, i need to know where can i get chappatti flour from. or what will be the best flour to use thanks

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-05-21

I am looking for gluten-free oatmeal. Someone said that you could get oatmeal certified gluten free. Is this true? If so, where do I find it? Thanks, Janet

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from on 2004-06-14

Does cellulose on a vitamin ingrdient list mean it has gluten. I'd like to take caltrate for my bones but its has cellulose as an ingrdient.
Anybody know the answer

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-06-20

i have recently been diagnosed with ibs, although i have had it for about 2 years. i have cut out wheat gluten and dairy products although i haven't been diagnosed with wheat of gluten intolorant it is helping me, my question is that i have been told it is not safe to cut it out unless i have been diagnosed. i can't go on it though as it makes me worse and where i live they don't test it here

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Peter on 2004-06-26


There are a great many other people who find that their health is much better through not eating wheat. It won't do you any harm provided you follow a healthy balanced diet.


Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from on 2004-06-27


I was wondering where I could find gingko biloba in a form that is gluten and casein free, and that I could give to a 3 year old. Do you have any ideas?

Thank you for your help.


Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from on 2004-08-19


Just wondering if you have had any luck finding certified gf oatmeal? I also am looking.