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Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Ricardo Garcia on 2006-11-23



Re gluten free chappatti flour: from edie on 2006-11-27

pelase can you tell which is wheat free so i can make some chappatis and a flour for making sponge cakes thanks edie

Re gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2006-11-27

Note that flour sold as chapati flour or chappatti flour is a fine wheat flour.
It is not gluten-free.

Use a mix of gram flour, rice flour and maize flour instead.

new to gluten free: from hazel on 2006-12-13

As I am new to gluten and wheat free eating and cooking would you say that supermarkets or individual health food stores are best to shop in for clear labelled products. Thanks

Re: Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from Peter on 2006-12-13

I think that where products are available in the big supermarkets you get the better labeling, and often better prices, but you may find an assistant in the health food shops who is knowledgeable and can help you.

Re: GLUTEN FREE DIETS: from LYNNE LEWIS on 2006-12-31

I have. been doing coeliac diet for my husband for 24 years now . at first very hard to get to grips with but if you stick to fresh food eg meat fish veg it not so bad there are more items in supermarkets now curry mixes pasta

sauces available I have flour and pizza bases on perscription plus pasta this helps . going out is diffuclt my husband dosent like to make a fuss so he sticks to steak or somthing plain if we go away i take packets of crackers home made bread rice cakes anthing that i get im handbag . we seem to ok but always looking for something different.my husband is healthy and never misses work but doesent eat the canteen food as they dont do awide variety of food .the coeliac society help with the food directory and monthly mag with recipes and advice

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from Marty Hemmann on 2007-01-01

Did you get information on cellulose in vitamins, etc?

I want to takethe Country Life vitamins, but it lists cellulose, with no more detail as to type.

I am just now learning about being "gluten free" and any information would be appreciated.


Marty Hemmann

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from Peter on 2007-01-01

Food grade cellulose is made from a wide variety of plant material, but mostly from wood pulp.
Some companies do provide information on the source of the cellulose used in their products, but often no information is given.

There is no risk of gluten in cellulose from wood pulp, seaweed, or fungal culture.

Re: UK Gluten free suet: from Janet Baldock on 2007-01-02

Have you found where we can buy gluten free suet?

gluten free batter: from james on 2007-01-14

how do you make gluten free batter for fish and chips as i usually use beer but thats obviously not gluten free!!