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gluten gene: from Sandi on 2007-02-23

I have been diagnosed as having the gluten gene. Besides avoiding foods with gluten, do I need to avoid any foods made from machinery which may have wheat on them, also toasters, toothpastes, etc.

Also, is it normal to feel worse before feeling better after cutting out gluten?


gluten gene: from Peter on 2007-02-23

You need to avoid food made where there is a possibility of heavy contamination, for example a flour mill which uses the same grinding equipment for gluten-free flours and gluten containing flour will produce heavy contamination shortly after changing from one to the other. You will see gluten-free flour advertised as being produced on dedicated gluten-free production lines.

Some products, although they don't have any gluten listed in the ingredients, have flour or crushed wafer on the production belts to prevent the product sticking, so this is not gluten-free. These products are best avoided.

In the home, you need to take reasonable steps to minimise contamination. I react badly to flour dust in the air if someone is baking with a fine wheat flour, and I won't eat something that has been cooked alongside a food containing wheat flour. But as long as the toaster is visibly clean, then I don't find it a problem. many people do use separate toasters.

To start with you can have serious withdrawal symptoms when you cut out wheat, and many people find they crave wheat or bread - it is just like giving up smoking or coffee. Stick with it and you will be fine.