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Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2001-12-01

I believe that I may be Gluten intolerant and have spent alot of time searching the web for information to help me. This past year I began having severe joint pain whenever I ate alot of bread. I was making homemade bread at the time and discovered the connection when I went two weeks without doing this. I always had a mild reaction to MSG in restaurants. Now I am having more and more episodes. I need help understanding the symptoms. I show headaches, congestion and joint pain in my shoulders, elbows,wrists, fingers, knees and ankles.Symptoms show between 1 hour to 24 hours after eating a offending food. I do best when I don't eat bread but I am confused as to why I sometimes show these symptoms when eating other foods. The USA does not have many DR.s who recognise or do tests for this disease. Any help you can give me is appreciated!
Is there any list available for how to read ingredients on packaging to discover Gluten?

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2001-12-02

HTML>Your symptoms are shared by many people who are intolerant of gluten. Joint pain occurs with a moderate frequency.
Variation in time between eating gluten and onset of symptoms is also common.

However there are many other conditions that can produce such symptoms, so do discuss this with your Doctor.

I simply avoid all manufactured foods that may have multiple ingredients and eat rice, potato, maize, meat, fresh veg, fish etc. This can be a very healthy diet and avoids the risk of unknowingly eating gluten from wheat, oats , barley or rye.
If all your symptoms clear after a month on this diet, then you have probably found the cause, but remember that a doctor can do blood tests for some gluten allergy before you change your diet, but not after.


Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2001-12-05

I was medically diagnosed in '94 by jejunem biopsy, and I too have excrutiating bone and joint pain. So bad recently that I had to go to A & E, the consultant I saw was knowledgeable enough of coeliac disease to want to X-ray my foot [source of current pain]. He said my bones were so thin [osteoporosis] that he recommended to get a bone density test done and that there is treatment. I have also read that osteoporosis can be reversed. Is this correct. Also, if so, will the pain reduce, or is it always due to inadvertantly eating product with gluten in it?
Jean Hill

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2001-12-05

HTML>I try and make sure my calcium intake is high by eating fish with bones - cheap tin salmon and sardines, low fat natural yogurt and also osteocare tablets.
Calcium uptake can be reduced if the digestion is not fully recovered.


Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2001-12-06

Everything I learn here is so Helpful. I had test done for everything from Thyroid to Diabetes and everything was negative. I discovered my guten intolerance by a lucky chance! I have been Gluten free for 5 days total now and am feeling better than I have in 6 months! All the joint pain is gone and I am ready to return to the gym and get my health back! I gained 30 pounds during this "down" time.
If any one has a list of items that can be bought off the store shelves I would love to have it. I have found the health food stores a valuable resource but wonder what I can also buy at the store. I have started to inform myself with books and research. A site like this is so wonderful

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2002-01-21

Hi, I am from australia, so I don't know how the food packaging and labeling system is in the US, But in Australia it is now compulsoy for companies to clearly label the ingredience in all foods. This is very handy for me, as I am not only gluten intollerant but insulin intollerant too. But I am guessing that all labels and food numbers should be the same. Look on the ingredience list and it should tell you. Avoid a product if it has items like modified maize starch, thickener 1441 (or a 4 digit number similar to that) I have also discovered recently that mars peanut m&ms (a chocolate covered peanut from the mars company) have glucose derrived from wheat in their chocolate, so now I am checking all mars products. Checking all the labels of the products you buy can take a while but it is worth it in the end. Also check the cosmetic and hair care products you buy, as the can also contain products (like wheat) in them.


Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2002-04-12

I am exploring whether or not I am gluten intolerance based on a blood test and have further tests pending. What about pop and diet pop? Do they have offending ingredients

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2002-04-16

I think that most pop is OK but avoid barley waters and cloudy lemonade

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2004-10-07

how the hell do i loose weight..i am 183lbs at 5 7 and i look like a porky

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2004-10-09

Hi to you in this forum.
I recognized some of your story Sue, also having a belief during the last few months about being gluten intolerant. For many years I have had suspicions about bread and wheat in particular not being the best thing for me, but ignored my observations. I have had severe asthma bronchitis for 30 years now (I am 45), and it started with very itchy blisters/hives. Still I often get those small blisters that are watery and very itchy. My bowl easily becomes irritated and I am frequently constipated. Irritations are also a common psychological condition for me, especially when feeling allergic and when there is this "burning" feeling of all of my skin. There are also some small areas of eczema. I have used terms like a general immune condition to describe what is happening. My arms and legs have from time to time numb and tingling. Although not severe it is sometimes like there is something wrong with my coordination or balance when I rise from bed or a chair. I do not know if that is a symptom of gluten intolerance or not, please tell me if any of you have information about it. I became slightly overweight a few years ago while also developing depression, fatigue and hypertension. Problems of concentration are not unfamiliar either.

The long list with symptoms have been attributed (by me) to other problems as candida albicans syndrome and lactose intolerance since my health have deteriorated when consuming milk and diary products. Today my diet is lactose free and I have learned a lot about boosting my immune system by curing yeasts. I cannot eat much salt, white sugar or drink coffee or alcohol because it troubles my health too much. Even though I do stick to this restricted diet and lifestyle (no tobacco, no perfumes) there are problems. This summer I changed my diet to ovo-vegetarian and after a few weeks the digestion got somewhat better, but not good. I had to continue my journey and have now stared on a gluten-lactose free ovo-vegetarian diet. It had immediate effects on digestion for the better.

I went on the Internet to pick up information about gluten intolerance and learned that some of my problems may be caused by mineral and vitamin deficiency as for instance iron, magnesium. Deficiency for Magnesium seems to fit the picture especially well. I will continue to stay on this diet for a few more months, take magnesium supplements and see what happens. And then I can try to reintroduce lactose if it works, and then probably some fish.

It is a lonely journey with these experimentations I go through to get a better life. I have learned much new stuff, but it is stunning that none of the medical personnel or docs (not even the specialists in asthma and allergies) never cared to mention that lactose, yeast, gluten or mineral/vitamin deficiencies may be factors to take into consideration as a part of the treatment. There has never been a single word about it, not even in one of many stays in hospitals for treating asthma or when taking some of many allergy tests.The lesson have been a hard one to pick up since I relied on and trusted the treatment I got with anti-histamines, Ventoline, cortisone/Predinson and antibiotics. etc. It really took a lot of suffering to come where I am today, and hopefully I will come even closer to good health.

Best regards from AT