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Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Kristin on 2007-07-10


Im 15 years old and I have severe joint pain and have been through alot.

I had a ligament repair surgery a year ago, broken/fractured bones and much more. I also have had a lot of ankle problems i dont know if i could be allergic to wheat gluten i cant figure it out. My doctor originally diagnosed my wrist pain as growing pains but then 6-7 months later it ball ended up as two torn ligaments. I am still having pain all the time and i would like to figure out whats causing all of the pain!

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Scott on 2007-10-04

Hi Brenda

I was just doing a search on the net and found your email. It was astonishing, I too have coeliacs disease and have been gluten free for about 4 months. I too have extreme pain in my hands, even unscrewing a jar lid has become very painful.

I have no idea how old your email is but can you advise me what has happened since, has your joint pain passed? Any other side effects of a GF diet?

Regards Scott

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Susan on 2008-03-20

I had ulcerative colitis and learned that I should not eat gluten. Can gluten cause inflammation in colon and sharp pain in colon (also upset stomach

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Peter on 2008-03-20

Ulcerative colitis is simply a label for your symptoms.
An adverse reaction to gluten can cause inflamation anywhere in the digestive system, from the mouth, throat, through to the colon and rectum.
So gluten can be a cause of ulcerative colitis

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Janette Ingham on 2009-11-12

THANKS for this support!

My (previously healthy) 15 yo daughter has just been through 6 months of suffering beginning with a stomach wog, then prescribed Flagyl (antibiotics), then they discovered Blastocystis Hominus a relatively common amoebic creature, so she was treated with 5x loads of antibiotics inserted as an enema. Her symptoms only worstened, cramps, reflux, undigested bowel movements. Then I found the symptoms of gluten intolerance online (no doctor came up with it) and (praise God) after 4 days off it the pains have gone away. However, she's sad her diet has to change, I'm hoping it won't be permanent.

Regards, Janette

Date Nov 2009

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Margaret Pickering on 2010-01-15

Hi, My daughter was diagnosed with RA but she did a food elimination diet and was much improved. However, due to a lot of weightloss she now is eating all the foods she shouldn't. My question is, did anybody actually feel worse before feeling better when eliminating gluten. I seem to remember that when she first eliminated gluten she was in so much pain but then it went away.

Any help would be gratefully received, plus help with other foods to eliminate such as aspartame.

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from yoon on 2010-05-10

Scott and Brenda

I don't have the answers but share the problem of joint pain which has become noticeable since going on the gluten free diet (diagnosed for about 3 months now). It also paticularly affects my fingers and wrist as well as knees. Frequent feeling cold in my knees too. There is a link between celiac and rheumatoid arthritis but I'm hoping its not that. Maybe just a withdrawal symptom to the gluten free diet? I'm supplementing zinc, magnesium and calcium at the moment as I don't seem to have enough calcium in my diet - still get reactions to milk/cheese etc so I think intestinal villi not recovered enough yet.

Thanks. Yoon

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Bernie on 2011-01-14

I have been gluten free (not strictly ) for about a year. Happened across a book which said that symptoms could be from gluten intolerance. Currently I am waiting on a biopsy in 6 weeks to check for celiac. I have been eating gluten for about a week in prep for this test.

My joints in hands are sore and quite swollen. Certain times of the day I seem to have a hypoglycemic reaction and I need to take milk. I just ate bread about 1.5hr ago, with tuna and tomato and now I am getting tingly face, numbness, speech slurr, and dizzy, where if I dont have small glass of milk I will go into a passed out type state, but am still awake and aware what is going on but cant move. It is quite extreme and will seem to happen daily. This seems to stop when I am gluten free?

The joint pain which is a lot in my fingers, but also in general, the body feels general ache and pain as well. I am unsure what I will do if the biopsy comes back negative, but may go to a dietician to help me try gluten free diet strictly to see what happens.

My questions are: will the joint pain go away if on strict gluten free (if I am intolerant), has anyone else had this hypoglycemic reaction? (someone has commented that they go tingly and numb in their arms and legs. I get this also, which I feel like I am going paralysed. I have collapsed at work at times and had to get taken to hospital in ambulance. Hoping to answers soon

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Peter on 2011-01-14

Your symptoms do seem to be quite a severe allergic reaction. Even if this is not a coeliac case, you still need urgent medical advice on how to tackle this problem.

There are cases in the literature where all the symptoms that you describe are caused by a reaction to wheat gluten, and clear up completely on a gluten-free diet. However this syndrome is very uncommon. Please do update this thread when you have results to report. Thanks

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Kris on 2011-07-06

I heard that Europe and UK use Wheat-based Glucose syrup in their candy. Bounty bars have glucose syrup as their 3 ingredients. When I eat them they do a number on me. Just wondering if anyone else has this same reaction? Thanks