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Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from tg on 2008-04-16

My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with UC a year ago. He was not able to tolerate asacol or pentaza due to severe side effects that made him sicker than UC. He takes VSL3 probiotics, fish oil, and herbal tea prescribed by the herbalist and approved by the gastroenterologist. We eliminated all cow products including beef and substitue with goat dairy. We allow him to have spelt products. Since we started on this regimen, he has regular formed bowel movements daily and pain is gone. We can see occasional bloody threads in his stools and are thinking of spelt elimination. I hope this helps

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from leila on 2008-06-28

hi there,

I posted quite some time ago, had a really rough ride with my uc, and was on the verge of surgery. Then I found this website, and decided to give going gluten free a go! Has been nearly two years now, and have had no symptoms, have reduced most of my meds (now on 50 mg 6mp, and 1200mg meazavant xl; the equivalent of 3x2 asacol tablets per day) and along with a few supplements (cod liver oil, l-glutamine and seacure tablets) have been able to resume a perfectly normal life, where as I once thought that would not be possible. I eat healthier now than ever, and even eat raw fruit and salads again!

Thank goodness that this site exists, otherwise I would have taken a lot more painful and traumatic route. Good luck to everyone who goes for the gluten free approach, I hope that it works just as well for you.

ps, saw gastroenterologist recently, who said my remission was not to due to my gluten free diet, that it was just a coincidence! Typical!


Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Jessica on 2008-06-28

My partner has Ulcerative Colitis and the asacol only helped lessen the severity of symptoms. It wasn't until she started "The Maker's Diet" that she found complete relief of all GI issues. I was skeptical of this diet style, but a trusted friend recommended it to me. I was skeptical b/c it is partially based on the bible. However, the doctor offered good scientific explanation for most of his recommendations, also. I thought it would be helpful to make this dietary change together, and we are both amazed at the results. She still takes her medication, but it has changed our lives so much. Since changing my eating, I got a full blood workup and it was all perfect. Good luck to you all on your journeys to health.


Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Nick on 2008-09-05

Just Wondering....

If UC is a disease involving the large intestine and gluten affects the small intestine does anyone know how a gluten free diet would help? I would think Gluten free would help cure Crohns and not colitis

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2008-09-05

Gluten affects all region of the intestine, and can also affect many other body systems.
The coeliac condition is where gluten causes damage to the villi of the small intestine, but antibody testing now shows that both Crohns and colitis my be closely linked to gluten. Note that this only applies to some cases. There are many other causes of Corhns and colitis

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from lynn on 2008-09-14

Yes, you may be right about the oats. Unless the grower and manufacturer of the product test the oats for gluten they may be contaminated by other gluten crops grown in the same fields or near by or in the processing plant. Although oats are not considered a gluten containing food, some people still cannot tolerate them even if the product has been proven gluten free by testing. If you are using oats that have been tested and are gluten free, then I would suggest your daughter cannot tolerate oats. I am gluten intolerant and use a product from the US, Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods. They have gluten free hot cereal called Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal and they also have GF Oats. I hope this helps

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Toby on 2008-09-24

Hi, I am a 25 yr old female with Ulcerative Colitis. I have been flaring for the past half a year but only over the past 6 weeks have started to get it under control after being hospitilized. I am on medications such as 6-MP (an auto immune suppressant Drug), Asacol, Prednisone, Cortisone and other enemas. It seems as though my flaring has ceased. I don't know if it's the meds or the foods that I eat which are causing these horrible symptoms. Doctors are telling me not to eat dairy, now they say no gluten...and a whole other list of no-no's. What then, is there left to eat

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2008-09-24

I have now been on a gluten-free dairy-free diet for 28 years. I buy fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, with potato and rice as the main carbohydrate.

I also get out and get plenty of exercise, and have stayed fit and healthy.

It is well worth the effort

Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Nikki on 2008-10-17

Wow I have just started gluten free 3 weeks ago, after the doctors just ignoring my tiredness etc and after many different medicines, I have become quite depressedand my cloitis is at its worst, after reading your story I cried with excitement, I am sure it is most of my problem and I am about to start some supplements from my naturopath so I am quite hopeful it will help. I use to run and go to the gym but the last 4 weeks have lapsed into hopelessness and depressed and moody and feel I will never feel happy again but you have given me encouragement, well done for you although I guess if you had of found out earlier it could of saved you from the operations. My brother had severe crohns for many years and is now in remission but lost half his bowel in the process, I have only had colitis for 3 years, most of the time it has been active and bloody frustrating, but I look forward to my diet now. Thanks Nikki

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Nikki on 2008-10-17

Gluten free and go to a naturpath who has experience in the field, get a blood analysis done from the naturpath, I have been at my wits end I have been depressed and felt like dying had enough, works out I have low iron not absorbing Vit. B12 which causes depression and fatigue and food allergies , being tested in melbourne next week(aussie) I am, I know exactly how you feel I have had enough I just want the happy energetic me back. Nikki

P.S. Good Luck

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