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Gluten tester: from on 2004-03-31

I am the parent of a coeliac child. I have heard in the USA (or elsewhere?) you can buy a bottle/vial of liquid that when squirted on food, tests for the presence of gluten.

Have you heard anything about this? If so, do you have any clues as to name of company, where the product is available, cost, etc.?

Please let me know.

Jono H

Re: Gluten tester: from Peter on 2004-04-01

There is no reliable test yet, though several firms are working on it.
Has some information


Re: Gluten tester: from on 2004-04-05

I did some searching around and found this website which may help you:

www.elisa-tek.com Then click on "Gluten Home Test."

The test looks much like a pregnancy test, and has a gluten indicator. I wish I could tell you how reliable it is. Good luck!