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Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-01

For as long as I can remember, I would have abdominal pain in my lower left quadrant accompanied by diareha most of the time. This would usually happen at night after dinner and rarely follow to the next morning. I always thought that this was just when I ate greasy foods, but I recently started college and have to eat grease soaked food every day. I noticed that this never happened to me. Usually only when I go home. My docotor suggested I try a gluten-free diet for two weeks. I tried this, but it was hard to know what had gluten, especially if I ate out a restraunt. Also, I am chinese, so almost everything I eat usually has soy sauce in it. I figure that maybe some foods, like soysauce have more gluten in it then other foods like a burger or pasta. So maybe at school, I am eating less gluten so I am not affected. And when I come home, I eat more gluten. That is the only explaination I can have if I am truely gluten intoerant. Otherwise, I have no idea what the problem is. Does this sound like Gluten Intolerance, or something else

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-02

HTML>If it doesn't happen at college when you are eating bread and pasta it is unlikely to be gluten.

You could be reacting to anything with soya?
Stress can also cause those symptoms.

Try keeping a detailed diary of everything that you eat, when you feel stressed, and when you get symptoms and see if anything matches up.

This is not medical advice - If you need medical advice, see a doctor.

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-02

yes I know, I am actually going to the doctor today and plan to ask for those three blood tests. As for stress, that is prob unlikely, because I am most stressed at school. Its almost like it only happens when I'm not stressed :)

soya? Is that like soy? There are people that cant eat soy either

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-02

also, is there a certain amount that people with gluten intolerance have to eat to trigger this? I mean if I eat a hamburger, would the gluten from the bun be enough

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-02

HTML>A bun would be enough for some people to trigger a reaction to gluten, but people vary in sensitivity.

Soya comes from the soya bean. also as tofu.
Soya allergy is fairly common in people exposed to a lot of soya since birth, especially if it is part of the diet in the first year of life.

Other reactions to food can be linked to milk and dairy products.

Almost any type of food can cause problems for some people but other food allergies are rare.


Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-02

are there certain tests for these?
I just want to have some suggestions when I go see my doctor.
Try to encourage him to test me for things.

Since I'm not a doctor and am not too familiar with these things, its hard to know what to suggest.

I guess it is rather unlikely that I am gluten intolerant. In highschool and before I would have sandwiches everyday.
Although, My sensitivity could just be low and many it wasnt triggered.

Hopefully a bloodtest will tell me more

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-03

HTML>There is a good blood test for the celiac condition, but it does not work if you have already adopted a gluten free diet.

There are also wheat intolerances that are not detected by this test.

There are some blood tests for antibodies to other foods, but there is no evidence that sending a sample of blood to an 'allergy clinic' provides useful results. The Consumers Associationsent the same sample of blood to a number of these mail order clinics, and the same sample several times to the same clinic, and they all came back with different results!

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-03

well, I went to the doc, and he said he could only do the anti-gliadin test because the other ones are to specialized. He refered me to GI, maybe they can help more. of course thats not til the 14th

Re: Gluten Intolerant: from on 2001-08-12

I was just looking at this web-site because I suspected a gluten allergy. When I was your e-mails, I thought I would share something.
Have you thought of the possibility of MSG problems. I have had severe abdominal pain and sometimes almost instant diarrhea, especially in "commercial" buffet style not so Chinese restaurants. But if you look at the ingredients of many of those oh so wonderful sauces, you will find MSG (mono-sodium-glutamte) very close to the top.
Hope this helps, good luck,

sticking to gluten free diet: from on 2001-09-02

what do you do with 14 year old son who is rebelling against his gluten free diet.
he says that because he has no symptoms, and can eat ordinary foods, weighs in at 10 stone,is 5ft 8ins and hates being a coliac, that he's ok. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 and has stuck to a gluten free diet up until he reached 13 (that wonderful age