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Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2004-10-07

how the hell do i loose weight..i am 183lbs at 5 7 and i look like a porky

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from on 2004-10-09

Hi to you in this forum.
I recognized some of your story Sue, also having a belief during the last few months about being gluten intolerant. For many years I have had suspicions about bread and wheat in particular not being the best thing for me, but ignored my observations. I have had severe asthma bronchitis for 30 years now (I am 45), and it started with very itchy blisters/hives. Still I often get those small blisters that are watery and very itchy. My bowl easily becomes irritated and I am frequently constipated. Irritations are also a common psychological condition for me, especially when feeling allergic and when there is this "burning" feeling of all of my skin. There are also some small areas of eczema. I have used terms like a general immune condition to describe what is happening. My arms and legs have from time to time numb and tingling. Although not severe it is sometimes like there is something wrong with my coordination or balance when I rise from bed or a chair. I do not know if that is a symptom of gluten intolerance or not, please tell me if any of you have information about it. I became slightly overweight a few years ago while also developing depression, fatigue and hypertension. Problems of concentration are not unfamiliar either.

The long list with symptoms have been attributed (by me) to other problems as candida albicans syndrome and lactose intolerance since my health have deteriorated when consuming milk and diary products. Today my diet is lactose free and I have learned a lot about boosting my immune system by curing yeasts. I cannot eat much salt, white sugar or drink coffee or alcohol because it troubles my health too much. Even though I do stick to this restricted diet and lifestyle (no tobacco, no perfumes) there are problems. This summer I changed my diet to ovo-vegetarian and after a few weeks the digestion got somewhat better, but not good. I had to continue my journey and have now stared on a gluten-lactose free ovo-vegetarian diet. It had immediate effects on digestion for the better.

I went on the Internet to pick up information about gluten intolerance and learned that some of my problems may be caused by mineral and vitamin deficiency as for instance iron, magnesium. Deficiency for Magnesium seems to fit the picture especially well. I will continue to stay on this diet for a few more months, take magnesium supplements and see what happens. And then I can try to reintroduce lactose if it works, and then probably some fish.

It is a lonely journey with these experimentations I go through to get a better life. I have learned much new stuff, but it is stunning that none of the medical personnel or docs (not even the specialists in asthma and allergies) never cared to mention that lactose, yeast, gluten or mineral/vitamin deficiencies may be factors to take into consideration as a part of the treatment. There has never been a single word about it, not even in one of many stays in hospitals for treating asthma or when taking some of many allergy tests.The lesson have been a hard one to pick up since I relied on and trusted the treatment I got with anti-histamines, Ventoline, cortisone/Predinson and antibiotics. etc. It really took a lot of suffering to come where I am today, and hopefully I will come even closer to good health.

Best regards from AT

Re: Gluten Free dining: from on 2004-11-01

My Granny has just got those cards and took them with her on a trip to the US and found they helped - I think I'm going to invest as well! Anything to avoid the 'so if there's flour then that's not good' conversations! Why can't the industry have some training for staff!! I know some chefs who are brilliant and and always working on ways to make kitchens safer for those with 'dietary' issues but a lot seem to lack the knowledge! Has everyone you've shown them to been receptive to them

Re: Gluten Free dining: from on 2004-11-02

I've never had any problems anywhere with my Dietary Alert Cards, and the more chefs and restaurant staff become generally aware and alert to gluten-free and other special diets and allergies, the more useful I think the cards will become. I do have a friend who gave up trying to get a wizened old sausage seller on the top of a German mountain to understand her coeliac diet, Dietarycard or not. But she's been to Hungary, France, Canada, USA, Spain, Austria and Italy with her Dietarycards and they've made the world of difference to her holidays

Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from on 2004-11-03

I would like to know some of the things not normally thought of as having gluten in them....for example...is bbq sauce ok? mustard? (Heinz or other lol) ketchup? I noticed one place on the web says "flavored" foods might be...what are some examples of those? I know that soy is not ok evidently....Thank you

Re: Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from Tony on 2004-11-03

With all of those foods it is dependant on the brand as some will contain wheat and some will not.

The Meridian tamari soy sauce is gluten free and available in free from sections of supermarkets and in some halth food shops.

If you live in the UK, your best bet is to get hold of the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory. This is available from their website

Re: Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from on 2004-11-03

Hi Sorry, no I live in USA ..do you happen to know any usa sites that might be familiar with gluten brands etc here? I didn't realize your site was a predominately UK one...Do you happen to know whether wine or any alcoholic beverages are ever safe? I know of course beer is not and our vodka is made from grains ....don't know about bourbon and gin though etc and wine .... I would think wine is ok....I am most interested however in condoments such as tomato paste (that is used in most chili recipes), Heinz ketchup is international I think is it ok, mustards are fairly internationl ??? are they USUALLY ok?, and of course Bar B Que sauce that maybe is not so international....If you can direct me to some USA sources, I would appreciate it.....Thank you.....Tom

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from on 2004-11-03

Hi I'm a guy of 27 and have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for around 10 years now as well as Arthritis, osteoperosis (thanks to all the Prednisalone) and ankelosing spongelitis, I have recently had a real bad flare up and am on the 6 prednisalone, predfoam enamas and other such wonderfully harmfull drugs and have had enough.
Does anyone know of any websites that have a list of useful food infomation as in what to avoid and what to not. I realize a lot of cases are different but their must be some foods that are a real no no and some that are beneficial. Does anyone have any info on wether the friendly bacteria drinks have any use or not. I'm at my wits end. Oh and I apologise for the lousy spelling.



Re: Supplier of Gluten-free flour and spices: from on 2004-11-14

Have you or has anyone found a supplier for manioc flour in the uk? I need it to make some of my brasilian foods.



Re: Supplier of Gluten-free flour and spices: from on 2004-11-15

Flourbin.com supplies a wide range of flours suitable for gluten free diets