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Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from emma on 2005-05-15

hi ive just been diagnosed with intollerency to gluten and wheat and finding it extremely difficult to find a mars or snickers web page with dietery needs, according to a fellow friend with the same problem both these products are fine but im a little unsure, if anyone could help me out most appreciated. Cadbury Nutrition is a very good web and has a list of products that are free from this if any of you are interested, thanx hope to hear some feedbk em x

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Peter on 2005-05-16

Mars - all sizes
Mars midnight
Bounty - Milk Dark
Milky Way all sizes
These are all gluten-free in the UK in 2005

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from emma on 2005-05-16

thank you for the information great help x

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Ashley on 2005-05-18

Did anyone ever find gluten-free teeting cookies? I am in need of something that my son can pick up as "finger food" and cheerios is just not possible b/c of the gluten. Any suggestions?

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from paulo'sullivan on 2005-05-19

I would like to know how I can aquire gluten free beer I live in Pittsburgh Pa.

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from P Johnson on 2005-05-21

Please send infomation on recomended restruants that cater for people with this condition

With thanks

P Johnson

Re gluten and dairy free: from DEE on 2005-05-23


Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from pomme goldenberg on 2005-05-28

I'm french and come to london in July; I'd like to find the Greens beer overthere BUT I can't reach glutenfreebeer.co.uk from France; could you help me;
grateful thanks to you

Re sticking to gluten free diet: from Brooke on 2005-05-30

I have felt absolutely awful for around a year now, and it is only now the doctor is taking notice of me telling him I think it is coeliacs. But because I kind of know this a while ago, I have been on a gluten free diet. So, when my blood test results came back, they were negative because there wasn't much gluten in my body!
I am now to see a gastroentrologist but apparently I have to back on to gluten fully for three weeks. Has anyone else had this problem? I am just dreading the side effects gluten will give me.

Re sticking to gluten free diet: from Peter on 2005-05-30

I had exactly the same problem when I changed doctor a few years ago. My new doctor thought it was about time that I had a full checkup, including new tests for the coeliac condition.- for which I was instructed to eat gluten every day.
The results were somewhat inconclusive, so I looked up the research on the time it takes for gluten to damage your gut and cause all the symptoms - and get a positive results on the tests. The research showed that many people do not develop all the symptoms immediately, and do not always turn up a positive result on the blood tests.

So this is why I always stress that if you think you are reacting badly to gluten, get all the tests done before you put yourself or your child on a gluten-free diet.

If your response to gluten is very obvious and the symptoms go away on a gluten-free diet, and tests are not practical, then discuss it with your doctor before you start a gluten-free diet.

But the short answer is yes - anyone taking tests for the coeliac condition must continue eating gluten until the tests are complete, and be prepared for inconclusive results if you have been gluten-free for some time.