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Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2005-06-20

The hospital dietician should advise you what to eat, and should work out a diet specificaly for you.

In general, keep to a healthy, balanced and varied diet, with meat, fish, potato, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid any foods that are known to irritate your digestive system, and foods which are often a cause of irritation such as tea, coffee, coke, hot peppers and very spicey foods. Also avoid foods high in wheat fibre such as bran, bran flakes etc. Don't eat the same foods all the time, or every day.
It is better to eat fresh foods rather than manufactured meals which have many different ingredients.

You could keep a diary of what you are eating - which must be detailed to be of any use - and make a note of any symptoms or discomfort of any sort such as headaches, tiredness, as well as any digestive problems. Your dietician would be able to discuss this with you and check you are eating a healthy and balanced diet.
It might even identify a cause for the flare up. However for most cases of ulcerative colitis the cause is not known.

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Suzanne on 2005-06-25

Mi-del makes gluten-free arrowroot cookies but they're not exactly teething biscuits ... they don't last as long and will turn to mush.

Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Gil on 2005-06-27

I also am looking for gluten free oatmeal. I need a brand name and availability if available. Thanks for the help.

Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from craig on 2005-06-30

can i eat finesse yogurt. lactose free yogurt. thanks

Re Gluten-Free oat products: from Katherine on 2005-07-03

I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and am interested in your 'gluten free Oats' whenever you have a product to sell.


Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Clare on 2005-07-05

Dear all,

you can buy gluten-free flour at most major supermarkets now so why not tap in home-made teething biscuits into the internet and substitue this for normal flour in the recipes. This is better anyway as there are no preservatives or artificial flavourings in them. My daughter, Madeleine is 4 1/2 months old and reaching for anything to put in her mouth. Although vegetables are preferable, it is hard to provide clean, prepared, chilled items when you are out and about and teething biscuits are so convenient. One recipe I found is 1 cup of flour (gluten-free), 1 cup of baby cereal and 1 cup of natural, unsweetened juice. Roll them into bars and bake for 20-30 mins at 350 degrees. Am going to try these tonight so I'll let you know. Hope this is of some use.


Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free IBS: from stacee on 2005-07-05

I feel for you guys I really do! I am 25 and have endomoetriois, polysystic ovaries, IBs and am waiting for the results on celiacs. It is so depressing, that I am eating all the wrong foods have only stopped training 3 weeks ago and gained 3 kilos.
I can't eat anything! Not even apples and it doesn't seem like there is much help ouit there on a a diet for all of the above. I say we all chip in and come up with one!

Re Gluten sensitivity without celiacs disease: from Cara on 2005-07-07

Hi there

I am just searching through the net and found ur post interesting

I have just had all the blood tests done for celiacs, but they come back negative, i believe that i would benifit from a gluten free diet due to many of the symptoms that i get

I am trying to search if there are any "bad"things from going on a gluten free diet?

i have found many articles on people finding benefits from going on the diet and no one saying anything bad except maybe a lack of fibre?

Anyone with any info i would love to hear from


Re Gluten-Free oat products: from Jennifer Jarrell on 2005-07-11

I just ran into this thread a few minutes ago. Has this product been fully developed? Is it available to the public? I am a home baker that bakes wheat free dairy free foods. Please send me an e-mail with an update on the product.
Jennifer Jarrell

seizures and gluten: from susan collins on 2005-07-13

I started to eliminate all gluten containing products from my diet, and seizures - both grandma and petit mal - have totally disappeared. This is a miracle for me. I have never posted a comment before on any site, but I have suffered since the age of seven, and I am now 53. My life is just beginning due to this new awareness. I am almost 100 completely off all medications, too. If you know of anyone who has a tendency to have seizures, I hope that you suggest to him/her that to eliminate gluten for 3 months and then check out the results. I appreciate the opportunity to post this comment, and I hope it helps someone!