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epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from susan collins on 2005-07-14

I started to eliminate all gluten containing products from my diet, and seizures - both grandma and petit mal - have totally disappeared. This is a miracle for me. I have never posted a comment before on any site, but I have suffered since the age of seven, and I am now 53. My life is just beginning due to this new awareness. I am almost 100 completely off all medications, too. If you know of anyone who has a tendency to have seizures, I hope that you suggest to him/her that to eliminate gluten for 3 months and then check out the results. I appreciate the opportunity to post this comment, and I hope it helps someone!

epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from Peter on 2005-07-14

Thankyou for your message.
I have moved your message to start a new topic as I think it is an important one.
I have heard of gluten causing serious neurological problems, but it is rarely reported in the literature.
If anyone else has a similar case study to report, that would be useful information.


Re Gluten-Free oat products: from Kathy Gray on 2005-07-28

I am also interested in purchasing your gluten free oats when they're available.

Kathy Gray

Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Caty on 2005-07-29

My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS some time ago but just got diagnosed also with IBS. I am desperately trying to track down any connection and find out how to help her manage both conditions. Would you share any information you've found, having suffered from both also?

So many thanks.


Re Gluten-Free oat products: from sandy Klein on 2005-08-07

Me too. I'm in Toronto. Thanks,

Re gluten and dairy free: from Nicole on 2005-08-21

I use coconut cream - read lables to find right brand - for cream if you leave it overnight in the fridge it separates and thickens for whipped cream spoon out just the cream from the top add pure icing sugar and whip as for cow cream.

Replace milk powder for almond meal. Some pizza and scone recipes you can replace sour cream with 1 teaspoon psyllium husk mixed with 1 tablespoon water.

I made vertual lasanga with gf lasanga sheets and nutritional yeast flakes made into white sauce, make meat or veg sauce to taste and assemble as normal. My gluten loving stepdaughter loved it! Put sesame seeds over pasta dishes instead of cheese.

For melted butter I use olive oil for high heat recipies and linseed oil for low heat. Copha, nuttelex or solidified fat are good if you can tolerate them for pastry when its the texture thats needed.

Indian and thai cooking have many naturally gluten and dairy free recipes.
Also while vegans still eat wheat they have tips on substituting dairy though most involve soy if you can tolerate it. search web

(for weight loss - get your iron and b12 tested - and include more protien eggs; meat; legumes and grains in same meal ie corn + peas, brown rice + lentils; nuts - and keep a food diary as you might be eating something that is contaminated)

Re Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from Gavin Brooking on 2005-09-24

can you tell me if malt vinegar has gluten in it?
is distilled malt vinegar OK to use in recipies if I wish to show a gluten free stamp on a mustard and chutney that I am making to sell at a farmers market.
Are there any other products that might go into Jam, Chutney, mustard and home cooked crisps that could be intolerant for indiviuals who require a gluten free diet

Re Obscure Foods not Gluten Free: from Peter on 2005-09-24

Malt vinegar does have traces of gluten in it.
Although a distilled malt vinegar should be gluten-free, you would do better to use cider or wine vinegars as some of your customers would not touch a product with malt on the label.

plain vegetables pickled in vinegar are gluten-free as would be jam made with just fruit and sugar, mustard made with whole grain mustard and vinegar and oil, potato cooked in oil.

note that many commercial products of chutneys and mustards are not gluten free as they contain starch as a thickener and filler.

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from graham whitaker on 2005-10-24

please send me details of your gluten free beers.
pack sizes , cost plus delivery

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Debra Bolling on 2005-10-28

Is Maltodextrin gluten? I have noticed that in some of the listed gluten free products list maltodextrin in their products. I have noticed that some products that say gluten free are not really gluten free. How can they get away with that? Can you have modified corn starch. This is listed in a gluten free product.