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Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Peter on 2005-10-29

Some products, like maltodextrin can be gluten-free, but it depends very much on how they were manufactured. Different countries have different rules on what counts as gluten-free, and there are plenty of us who can be adversley affected by traces of gluten in suposedly gluten-free products. I tend to avoid all manufactured foods that may contain unknown products, and stick to the fresh fruit, vergetables and meat, with potato and rice.

Modified corn starch, made from maize is gluten-free. Modified starch is not gluten-free.


Re Gluten sensitivity without celiacs disease: from Heila on 2005-11-12

I have had problems with sinus since childhood. Some kind of allergy that caused asthma and blocked my sinuses and drained into my ear. This has caused deafness in one ear, however have 85 \% hearing left in the other ear. But you can understand that I would like to keep my hearing and try and find the cause. I went for a lot of blood tests, but no cause to the allergy could be found, only grass, cat, dog, etc. I was diagnosed by a herbal doctor, using magnets that I am allergic to maize and wheat. Since then I have cut out maize and wheat product and only have problems again with my ears, if I cheat and have the odd pizza. Due to this I have no asthma, but if the doctors could have helped me sooner, I would not have lost my hearing in one ear. I have to agree that I don't get enough fibre and that causes problems with my colon, however I am trying products like soya yogurt, oats, linseed, lots of fresh vegetables like brocolli soups, to up my intake of fibre. I agree that the doctors should see this as a problem and help us with a diet or advice. Good luck!

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Stu on 2005-11-16

Hello to you all. There is another that is brewed in the UK. This is Nick Stafford's Hambledon Ales. I prefer it to Greens as it is a lower gravity (4.2\%) and bigger 500ml bottles.

Anyone out there know where I can buy Gluten-free Suet please?

Best wishes.


Re UK Gluten Free Suet: from Peter on 2005-11-17

A traditional butcher who handles the complete meat carcass will be cutting off the suet and disposing of it.

I buy a large lump, cut it into cubes and then freeze it until required ( not too long)


Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Jen on 2005-12-03


GF oatmeal -- ENJOY!

Re Gluten and sugar free baking: from adele on 2005-12-05

Dear Peter

I am sure that you can help.

We have just found out that our daughter of 13 years has a very very high glucose level.
Our nutritionist has also taken her off all gluten products.

Please, please could you email some recipes for our daughter to enjoy gluten and sugar free (kosher) food e.g. bread, cookies, salad dressing etc

Many thanks


Re Gluten-Free oat products: from Janis Chubb on 2006-01-10

I would like to purchase some gluten free oats as well (Burlington Ontario), any idea where I can do this?

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Hud on 2006-01-21

Will someone please please tell me where I can buy GF beer in the USA. I'm going nuts trying to find it since I became a Celiac freak.

Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from mary on 2006-01-21

Can anyone tell me a web site for finging out about gluten free dining and eating in England. do they have support groups for celiacs?

epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from Catherine Livingston on 2006-02-07

I was very interested to read the email sent by Susan, as my son who is 17 months old, has just been diagnosed with a complicated form of epilepsy called West Syndrome. We are using an anti-epileptic drug called Vigabatrim to treat Andrew's condition (also known as Infantile Spasms) but Andrew has also been having Acupuncture. We have been recommended by the acupuncturist to give Andrew a diet free from wheat, dairy produce, sugar and artificial food colourings. Our primary concern is to reduce the spasms, but we do not wish to deprive Andrew of important nutrients in any way. Do you have any suggestions please? Could you direct me to any websites which would help me design weekly menus for Andrew? He eats whatever is put in front of him, fortunately, but has not yet progressed to finger food.