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Re Gluten sensitivity without celiacs disease: from Cliff Jenkins on 2006-06-17

I am satisfied that the Coeliac condition is endemic in our family. We know mother had it, my younger sister has it, my daughter has it, and a niece has it. Our version shows itself in the women and I assume that I carry the genes and may have a very mild version.

For the last twelve months my son and I have been on the GI diet with high (non-root) vegetables and fruit content and water. As a result we have virtually stopped eating white bread, now when we have white bread we both suffer difficult indigestion, we feel off. Regretably I think that also applies to Burgen bread which is superb! Pitta bread seems to be OK as did the bread I had on recent visits to France and Spain.

I am now testing to see how Linseed can be added to our diets to get them even better.

(With regard to doctors, I think they are frightened on the upheaval that coping with the changed diet in a family may have, particularly with the ones who have difficulty coping - you should have seen the relief on his face when I realised that my daughter's symptoms showed Coeliac and I said just that and he realised that I already knew the scenario. (For our part until then we had been worried whether she would be well enough for an operation on her jaw, we went straight on GF and within two weeks she was fit. YEH! )

Best wishes

Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Liz Frater on 2006-06-20

I have heard that there is a company which makes gluten free oatmeal. I cannot find it on google. Can you e-mail me the information?
Thank you.

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from forrest on 2006-06-22

i have had celiacs disease for over 35 years and am interested in a gluten free beer. i have heard that a beer named sappora from japan is a rice beer, have you heard of this ? i live in roanoke virginia,usa and have looked at all the major food chains and cannot find any gluten free beers. any help would be greatly appreciated

gluten, egg and dairy free diets for 6-12 month old baby: from celine kaddu on 2006-06-26

Need to find out where I can buy more variety to make G/W /D free food for my son.
He is lactose intolerant and now needs gluten free and wheat free food.
Loves Quinoa and veg and all the meals I get onthe web but they are mostly all very spicey and more for older people.

Re Gluten-Free oat products: from Susan Young on 2006-06-30

I am also hunting for gluten free oats in Ottawa or Kingston or Perth.

gluten & Wheat free fish &chips sold here: from Sean Bloomfield on 2006-07-05

Atlantic Fish bar......0182766422 (TAMWORTH,STAFFS)
We held our 1st gf day mon july 3rd "what an experience"
for me and my wife, but more importantly "what a pleasure"
We are now Commited to the 1st Monday of every month
the next one being aug 7th
Thank you Sean & Elena

Re gluten and dairy free: from Leah on 2006-07-08

Hi, I'm also Gluten, dairy, potatoe free and I also try to avoid most processed grains as well as anything to acidic, eg tomatoes and oranges. I'm also raising a child on this diet as he had colic which improved when I changed my diet. I've found it very individual to what people can tolerate and for me it's definetly been done to my body being over loaded with emotional bagguage which I haven't dealt with thus leading to intolerances as my bodies resistance is lowered. As I've worked with a lady who is a cranial-sacral worker who also helps you identify these emotional blockages and works through them with you, I have improved tremendously. I also learnt my childs body learnt this same pattern from me as we are energetically connected. I still can help him now though as what I do effects him.
As for recipes try looking up Leslie Kenton, her food is fantastic. And if you're avoiding wheat and dairy you'll most likely find that you need to avoid all processed foods, and Leslie foods allow for this while still remaining yummy. She's the health experts of health experts and been in the business for over 30yrs and has written numerous books. The last one being The Power House Diet. All of them a must read.
We could substitute recipes or we can create new fantastic recipes which feed the body with the nutrition it needs to heal itself. Just think of it as being pioneers in discovering our bodies real needs as one day I'm sure most people will eat this way, and I think it's great that we're listening to our bodies instead of ignoring them.


Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Leila on 2006-07-11

Hi all,
have been reading your stories with great interest. I was diagnosed with UC a year ago, at 23, and have been pretty much off work since. I can't seem to be able to sustain remission without prednisalone or predfoam, which is kind of painful at times. Am a the end of my tether, my next stop is surgery, although am keen to avoid it! Have tried a jucing and whole fruits diet by David Klein, but lack of willpower sunk it within a week. Was starting to feel better though, just very hungry! Am now going to attempt wheat and dairy free. I realise I should probably run this by my GP and gastroenterologist, but they just seem so resistant to anything other than pill pushing. Any advice? The cramping pains are the worst!!

Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2006-07-11


That you start to feel better when you have cut many items out of your diet does suggest that it may be certain foods that are the cause of your problem.
Stick to fresh and plain foods when you try gluten and dairy free diet. Don't eat manufactured foods. Go for freshly cooked potato or rice, fresh meat or fish, olive oil, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. No sauces. Don't deviate. Hold your resolve

Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Leila on 2006-07-12

Thank you, I will definitely try my hardest this time, I hate being stuck in during the summer! I am starting to feel a bit better again, after cutting most of my wheat and gluten, and only indulging in a little goats cheese. I'll let you know how I get on.