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Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from samantha lierens on 2006-11-20

Can I drink Guiness on a gluten-free diet?!

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Peter on 2006-11-20

All beers and lagers are likely to contain gluten unless they specifically state that they have been made from gluten-free ingredients.
Unfortunately Guiness is not gluten-free.

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Mary Hegarty on 2006-11-21

What types of candy can be safely eaten on a gluten-free diet? Are m&ms safe? With the holidays coming this would be beneficial to know. Thanks, Mary

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Peter on 2006-11-21

MARS M&MS in the UK
Chocolate, Minis and Peanut are listed as gluten-free.

Note that some confectionery is made to different recipes for different countrys

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Ricardo Garcia on 2006-11-23



Re gluten free chappatti flour: from edie on 2006-11-27

pelase can you tell which is wheat free so i can make some chappatis and a flour for making sponge cakes thanks edie

Re gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2006-11-27

Note that flour sold as chapati flour or chappatti flour is a fine wheat flour.
It is not gluten-free.

Use a mix of gram flour, rice flour and maize flour instead.

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Hannah on 2006-11-30

I am a coeliac and I have had it since I was four. I am now 14! I think is fine being on a coeliac diet. Good Look to everybody who is or who's a Coeliac! love Hannah

Just found out that i am allergic to Gluten: from Sophanya on 2006-11-30

hi, i was wondering if a certain meat has gluten in it

ive been on this gluten free diet for 4 days and its been going well,

i have had this problem since my high school year in the 10th grade and im just recently started thos gluten free diet. i was sick of haveing diarrhea every morning.

is ther like a cook book for gluten free foods???? i was wondering if i can get the site

thx you

do chinese food has gluten: from Sophanya on 2006-12-03

i was wondering if most of the chinese food has gluten in it??
like the General Tso's with pork fried rice. (with like red type of sauce)