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Re: gluten and clinical depression: from Peter on 2007-03-29

Another well documented route to depression is that removing wheat from the diet can cause marked withdrawal symptoms. An addiction or craving for wheat has often been noted. These would be expected to subside with time on a gluten free diet.

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from JEN on 2007-04-06



and she used some molasses, gluetan free flour of some sort and probably some apple juice...my mom can't remember she is like Reagan these days but

I know she made them

look for vinatge 70's recipies books

it was all the rage PEACE!

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Melinda on 2007-04-08

hi, I am in limbo awaiting tests and GI consult end of may. have had allergies to beef pork dairy yeast in the past. upon removing them I got better. been having trouble for a little over a year finally tried GF diet and had 11 good days ending with a splurge on mac and cheese..got back on track and it worked again fpr 8..not sure where it went wrong. so went to the allergist since that is where my comfort came from before. i did test slightly pos. for wheat and oats. he submitted the celiac blood work and will see what GI guy says in 2 months..... plan to stick with the GF diet. my family seems to be bothered by my "food tangents" but i think they are more bothered by mom living in the crapper. wish me luck. I am on day 3 after a a BIG flub at my son's birthday. cake and ice cream.. I really am smarter than that.

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from nichola woods on 2007-04-12


i have recently started to take st johns wort (boots brand) and was wondering if they are gluten free? the pharmacist was really unsure.

are there any lists of vitamins and suppliments that are gluten free that you know of? thanks x

Re: gluten free vitamins,herbs, supple: from Peter on 2007-04-12

The tincture of St Johns Wort will be gluten-free.

There are no details of whether gluten may have been added as a filler to tablet form.

Note that anyone with allergy problems should seek advice from their doctor before taking this. In my opinion anyone needing a gluten-free diet should seek this advice.

St Johns Wort can cause sensitivity to sunlight and skin rash as well as interacting with other medicines.

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from Ann on 2007-04-13

Please can anyone tell me if gelatine is gluten free?

Many thanks x

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from Peter on 2007-04-13

Gelatine is gluten-free

Re: Gluten Free dining: from s pike on 2007-04-13

I am traveling to Toronto and would like to fine some good places to eat and drink beer. The downtown area by the convention center.


Tips to survive eating gluten prior to Endoscopy: from Josie on 2007-04-16


Having suffered for several years with "IBS" I eliminated gluten from my diet which after 5 weeks gave fantastic results. I have now seen a consultant, and Coeliac disease is suspect, however bloods tests proved negative due to already eliminating gluten. I have therefore had to revert back to eating gluten prior to an endoscopy check. 5 weeks into this I have all the dreaded symptoms back - severe diarrhoea (10 times plus per day) with cramps and tiredness (I have a low vit B12 count, as a result of the gluten intolerance).

I have 2 weeks still to wait until the Endoscopy during which time I have a 5 day holiday. Can anyone suggest any mediciation which is safe to take prior to the endoscopy (won't interfere with result) to help calm the symptoms. I've tried buscopan and mebeverine without success - only thing I can think of now is lopermide (and a cork !!). Any tips would be much appreciated !

Tips to survive eating gluten prior to Endoscopy: from Peter on 2007-04-16

You are somewhat stuck here, because the consultant wants to see if the gluten causes inflammation and damage to the small intestine, but it could be precisely that causing your problems.
You could try phoning the consultant's secretary, explain the problem to her and ask if the consultant can make any recommendation, otherwise you would need to discuss this with your GP. I wouldn't suggest self medication as this might defeat the object of the test.