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epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from jackie on 2007-05-31

I am 40yrs old well actually 46 but whose counting? I had been diagnosed with cfs when I was in My 30"s and have been sick for a long time. Finally 2years ago I was diagnozed with coeliac disease and have not had as many seizures since on a gluten free diet. they leave you completely exausted emotionally and pysically too. My daughter has had problems too so we now try to live gluten free and this has been the best thing for us both. If your doctors say your not coeliac and you feel better without gluten get the blood test again. it took me 16years of blood tests and endoscopy which all pointed to not having the disease which now they say I have. so all the best and be well. p.s thankyou peter thomson for this website

Re: What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Anne Matthews on 2007-05-31

Any ideas what is wrong if people are still not well enough to eat gluten free bread products? And what tests they need?

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Kelly on 2007-06-09

Amazing posts here! I was diagnosed with UC over five years ago. It has been horrendous ride, let me tell you. It wasn't until discovering that my daughter is intolerant to wheat and then that my son is intolerant to gluten that I finally realized that I was having the same problems. My son and I have both had gluten sensitivity testing done and both tests yielded negative results, yet, it is painfully obvious that both of us react terribly to gluten. This is the first spring since my diagnosis that I have been completely flare free. If I ever slip up and get any warning symptoms I have found, by scouring the Homeopathic Materia Medica, that using Mercurius Solubuis 30c will stop things from progressing at all. And to think that it was only this past March that the top doc in the US working with women and IBD at the University of Chicago told me that my only option now would be to have surgery. HA! I wish I could scream this from the rooftops to help all of the others out there suffering from this miserable disease.

I highly recommend at least testing this out. You have nothing to lose, only gain. Best wishes to all.

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Nancy on 2007-06-15

I have been diagnosed with UC for two years (30 years old now), but I think I have had it my whole life to some degree or another. I was put on Asacol by my doctor, which ended up giving me pancreatitus. The doctor said she had three other young females with the same reaction. . . so I thought it would be worth noting here.

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from kathy on 2007-06-15

I came across a bakery totally Wheat and gluten free.


Outof New York. Go to website for info. I had to call. Look under "wholesale" info for number. Products look good and guaranteed wheat and gluten free.

Some Wegmans carry it. Enjoy your day!!!

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from sandra on 2007-06-16

where can I get unflavoured gelatine.is it available in powder form

Gelatine - is this gluten free: from Peter on 2007-06-16

Supercook gelatine is in powder form, available from most superstores.

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from karleigh on 2007-06-16

I think there is totally a link between gluten and polycystic ovaries. I have had 4-6cm cysts since I was 14 till last year (when i was 22). Since new years this year, I have been gluten free (having less dairy also) and since 2 months ago, I have been vegetarian (all the hormones pumped into our meat, no good for those with hormonal disorders, I say!).

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and guess what, those pesky big cysts have disapeared! My periods are no longer as painful and I have alot more energy. I have heard going gluten free for a year enables you to get pregnant much easier. Awesome. Just think , if you are gluten sensitive (at least), and you keep eating gluten, your body isn't getting the nutrients as the villi disapear when you eat it. Alot of people can't get pregnant or miscarry as their body doesn't have enough nutrients for the baby. I'm interested to know the statistics if babies have been born with problems due to their mothers gluten intolerance... I want to be as healthy as I can so that I can give my future child the best start.....

I'm gluten sensitive with polycystic ovaries. Hope this helps someone!

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from gail beausoleil on 2007-06-17

you can buy gluten free beer -at- whole food markets in the u.s. it is made from sorgum.. not bad..I am also cecliac's..what kind of alcohol can I drink..does any one know..thanks gail

epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from LJM Spillane on 2007-06-21

I developed idiopathic epilepsy at seven in 1947 and was off school two years, with 10-20 petit mal an hour and sometimes three grand mal a week. Petit mal are brief absence seizures, often with eye-rolling. Grand mal are 'drop' seizures in which I would fall to the ground. During puberty attacks became less frequent and until I reached the menopause, I only had occasional nocturnal seizures.

I am on a low dose of Epanutin. The generic formula is Phenytoin and its American equivalent is Dilantin. Epanutin is not recognized in the USA and I understand that the slow-release of Dilantin and Epanutin are different, although they are made up of the same substance. I can metabolize Epanutin, but Dilantin just sits in my system.

I lived in the USA for several years, completing my BA there and am in the process of my MA. I now only have seizures when I am under a great deal of stress, or as a result of sleep loss, but when I do, they come in "clusters" of grand mal that can last a day and wipe me out for a week. Then I will be okay for several months. I know when I am going to have one, because I become hyperactive for some days beforehand and rush to get everything done.

Last October I read of a woman who claimed to have stopped having seizures by going on a wheat-free-gluten-free diet and I decided to try it. I do not know if it will work for me and although I am recovering from a recent "cluster" of grand mal seizures, they appear to be a little less frequent and the hyperactivity factor seems less.

Please be aware that research into this, is very much in its infancy, but on the other hand the apparent success stories should not be discounted, but to all

those of you who have epilepsy for friends or family who have it - never give up

and don't 'over-protect.'

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