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Re: gluten and dairy free: from Peter on 2007-07-17

Unless there is a specific problem with milk fats or milk sugars (lactose) then ordinary butter is one of the healthiest options on gluten-free bread.

Re: What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from frann on 2007-07-19

maltodextrin is often based on malt, which is from wheat, so i would avoid it. i bought some new snacks that didn't seem to have any gluten-containing ingredients. they gave me real gyp - then i noticed the maltodextrin on the label.

Re: gluten and clinical depression: from Marian on 2007-08-03

My Daughter has a history of severe depression over many years, also juvenile onset migraine and is often sick or feeling nauseaus. Anti depressants have never helped. Her Dad is a coeliac, could she have it too?

Re: gluten and clinical depression: from Peter on 2007-08-03

Any close family member of someone diagnosed as Coeliac who displays symptoms that can be caused by exposure to gluten should be suspected of having the same condition.

In your daughter's case, these symptoms indicate the possibility that gluten is the cause of these problems. Note the need for getting her doctor to do the blood tests and any endoscopy before she starts a gluten-free diet.

Once these test have been done she should try a gluten-free diet whatever the outcome of the tests.

Re: Gluten-Free oat products: from Jurin on 2007-08-05

I am looking for gluten free oats either in Hong Kong or Singapore. Anybody know where to find them?

Re: Gluten and sugar free baking: from christie on 2007-08-08

Just thought i would let you know i finally found i really good white bread. I couldn't stand the other ones either but to me this one is better than regular. The name is Gluten Free Pantry's Sandwich Bread, we get it at Wild Oats. hope i helped

Gluten Free Sausage: from Joanna on 2007-08-08

I live in Hertfordshire and we have just discovered a very pleasant butchers who produces organic gluten free sausage which are excellent. He freezes them separately so they are easy to use. We also asked him about cross contamination and he was happy to re-assure us that the gluten free sausage is always made first and the machine is thoroughly cleaned prior to the process being commenced

The Butcher is


Sandridgebury Farm

Sandridgebury Lane

St Albans


01727 852152

Thought it was worth passing on

Re: Supplier of Gluten-free suet: from margaret on 2007-09-13

Could you tell me of any manufacturers who provide gluten free suet, other than butchers? Thanks

gluten & Wheat free fish &chips sold here: from Stuart Brame on 2007-09-19

Whittakers Fish & Chips Urmston (Takeaway & Cafe)

W & G Free Served simply all day every day (except Sunday)

NEW we now have a full desert choice

0161 283 1514

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from nanette proctor on 2007-09-29

br> I have had problems eating all my life, My grandma called me at 30 years old

and told me I may have celiacs she was worried about me she die afew year before i was sure I had it. but now my sister michelle may have it.

Infact Michelle told me what it was and saved my life. I can't have gluten,

milk products or eggs. I break out in hives and feel like someone is wringing

out my insides. My grandma had it what are our chances number wise.

I have 14 brothers and sisters. And We were raised far away from our

grandma, a really neat red head Irish lady with freakles. Nan