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Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from nanette proctor on 2007-09-29

br> I have had problems eating all my life, My grandma called me at 30 years old

and told me I may have celiacs she was worried about me she die afew year before i was sure I had it. but now my sister michelle may have it.

Infact Michelle told me what it was and saved my life. I can't have gluten,

milk products or eggs. I break out in hives and feel like someone is wringing

out my insides. My grandma had it what are our chances number wise.

I have 14 brothers and sisters. And We were raised far away from our

grandma, a really neat red head Irish lady with freakles. Nan

Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Scott on 2007-10-04

Hi Brenda

I was just doing a search on the net and found your email. It was astonishing, I too have coeliacs disease and have been gluten free for about 4 months. I too have extreme pain in my hands, even unscrewing a jar lid has become very painful.

I have no idea how old your email is but can you advise me what has happened since, has your joint pain passed? Any other side effects of a GF diet?

Regards Scott

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Ben Cowell on 2007-11-15

Hi all those who were looking forward to a gluten free pilsner beer, & boy did!

I have a new one coming in the spring. I’m sorry about the delay, it was out of my control! I have a new site which you reach via my own page: ben -at- beecee.org.

Cheers till next year (yes it almost that time)!


Ben Cowell

Re: Supplier of Gluten-free suet: from Andrina Brown on 2007-11-20

could you tell me a supplier of gluten-free suet in scotland possibly Renfrewshire area.

Andrina Brown

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Andrew Peake on 2007-11-30


I had been ill all year with sickness & diahrear. My consultant diagnosed IBS and told me to learn to live with it. However, my GP was more helpful and diagnosed gluton and dairy intolerance. I lost approx 2 stone in weight and am having difficulty maintaing my current weight let alone putting any back on. Any ideas would be appreciated as I lack energy and fel tired all the time

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Peter on 2007-11-30

To increase your energy intake:

It takes time for the damage caused by gluten to heal, and the digestive system starts absorbing food properly again.

Many people get a lot of their energy from dairy fats, cheese, spreads etc, and from cakes, biscuits and pastry. As soon as you cut these out of the diet you need to think about the energy content of your food. I add olive oil to rice or vegetables to increase the energy content, and eat larger portions of meat, potato, rice and vegetables. You also need to ensure that you get three good meals a day.
Start with a cooked breakfast and a proper meal at lunch time as well as in the evening

Re: gluten and wheat free: from Tim on 2007-12-02

Is there a brand of vodka that I can drink, need to drink something over xmas other than wine/cider

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Andrew Peake on 2007-12-05

Thank you for your help. I realise now that I have not really changed my eating habits sufficiently and will do as you suggest. I do not have a cooked breakfast nor a proper meal at lunch time. I will start to have a cooked breakfast and a proper meal at lunchtime

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Andrea on 2007-12-31

I, too, found out I have celiac disease about a year ago, and the doctor suggested a gluten-free diet. I was in denial, because I was always such a picky eater, and it was hard to find foods I liked, so I didn't want to change my diet. About eight months ago, it was confirmed by tests, and I have been fighting the learning process, but just recently I gave in. I found I can be a lot happier by complying. Also eight months ago, my husband left me for another woman so I have been going through a double mourning process, and it has been miserable. But I am succeeding through both with the help of those who care about my food choices. It's important to have friends around who will support you through this. It's tough to eat out, or to eat at someone's house is isn't prepared to feed you. Take along your own food. Find a local support group to assist you. You will not have to go it alone. Stick to it, and be healthy. I wish you good luck

eating gluten by accident: from amz on 2008-01-03

With CD, I have been on a very strict diet for nearly 2 months and did respond well to going gluten free. Most of my symptons were easing off, especially the stomach upsets!! However, I was trying to be so careful over the festive period but following either overindulgence in eating out and a few more drinks than i would have during my normal working week, I've suffered from a terrible flare up of symptons and feel terrible.

I'm desperate for some advice with regards to what should or can I do to try and get back to a normal self?? I start back teaching on Mon and can't afford to still be running to the loo