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Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from leila on 2008-06-28

hi there,

I posted quite some time ago, had a really rough ride with my uc, and was on the verge of surgery. Then I found this website, and decided to give going gluten free a go! Has been nearly two years now, and have had no symptoms, have reduced most of my meds (now on 50 mg 6mp, and 1200mg meazavant xl; the equivalent of 3x2 asacol tablets per day) and along with a few supplements (cod liver oil, l-glutamine and seacure tablets) have been able to resume a perfectly normal life, where as I once thought that would not be possible. I eat healthier now than ever, and even eat raw fruit and salads again!

Thank goodness that this site exists, otherwise I would have taken a lot more painful and traumatic route. Good luck to everyone who goes for the gluten free approach, I hope that it works just as well for you.

ps, saw gastroenterologist recently, who said my remission was not to due to my gluten free diet, that it was just a coincidence! Typical!


Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Jessica on 2008-06-28

My partner has Ulcerative Colitis and the asacol only helped lessen the severity of symptoms. It wasn't until she started "The Maker's Diet" that she found complete relief of all GI issues. I was skeptical of this diet style, but a trusted friend recommended it to me. I was skeptical b/c it is partially based on the bible. However, the doctor offered good scientific explanation for most of his recommendations, also. I thought it would be helpful to make this dietary change together, and we are both amazed at the results. She still takes her medication, but it has changed our lives so much. Since changing my eating, I got a full blood workup and it was all perfect. Good luck to you all on your journeys to health.


What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Jennifer on 2008-07-01

I have just been diagnosed gluten-intolerant. It is the small things that catch you out! I see that Kelloggs cornflakes include flavouring from barley malt, and wheat dextrose turns up quite frequently. Are these flavourings, which must be in very small quantities, enough to cause problems?

Many thanks for your most informative site

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Peter on 2008-07-01

If you look at the order of ingredients in the list, the barley comes out at about 10\%. This is far more than enough to cause problems.

I now cook a breakfast of rice and dried fruit each day - and it works out a lot cheaper

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Jennifer on 2008-07-03

I found a website which said that wheat dextrose no longer has to be listed in ingredients in the US, as a study suggests that it does not cause problems. As even ham seems to contain it, this sounds like good news. Is it really safe to eat it

Re: What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from larissa on 2008-07-07

i have recently be diagonosed with fructose malabsorbtion. so no more fruit, wheat and a variety of veg. on top of this im a vegitarian. and now they believe im gluten intolerant/ celiac.

the whole ordeal has made me very depressed. i have a rash that has taken over my whole body. even though i have followed the fructose diet to a T.

the rash is moving into my muscles and is painful as well as itchy.

for what i feel is an un balanced diet i am now on a whole bunch of vitamin tabs. i feel like im an old lady every morning taking my daily meds. my magnesium and zinc was almost zero. Anti depresants are out of the question for me as i have a bad reaction to them.

even though i know what i cant eat, i still have trouble putting together a balanced diet. is there any books or web pages anyone knows of that can help me. i feel like all i eat is potatos!

Re: What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Sheona (Drossa on 2008-07-07

There is gluten in some malt vinegar.

epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from Kristine on 2008-07-12

Hi there we are just starting our daughter on GF/CF diet to try to control the infnatile spasms/hypsarrythmia. I have just been to 3 different stores and online researching all I can to give this diet a good try. There are so many alternate foods out there its amazing even a good multi vitamin without gluten. Take the time to educate yourself and get out there to see the many foods available for this diet. Our daughter was on the keto diet for 1 year and it was partially successful but she still has the eye rolls. I feel really positive that this will work for her and this diet is so much easier than the keto diet. Go for it

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Philip Le Roux on 2008-07-16

So far the "Against the Grain" beer is the only gluten-free beer I have found that actually tastes like a beer. I do hope and pray they will after this cautious and successful testing of the market, bring out more GF beers into general circulation.

All the rest so far have been revoltingly sickly sweet. Like drinking rendered down treacle with an alcohol content off the scale, and to thoroughly add insult to injury extortionately priced .

My partner blinked when she saw me tip a pint of one of them away, asking "who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend" sort of thing.

gluten free crisps: from colin on 2008-07-23

hi if you look on walkers crisps you will see suitable for coeilacs on most of them also pom-bear snack are gluten free