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gluten free crisps: from Sheona on 2008-07-31

Hi Kerry,

Rice Bites, manufactured by Wide Faith Foods of Thailand

Rice Bites (registered with the UK Coeliac Society and licensed to depict the Cross Grain symbol on their packaging) are GF. Baked, not fried. Transfat free. Cholesterol free. Low in fat. Six flavours.

If you'd like further information please e-mail me directly.

Best wishes.

Sheona (Drossa

Re UK Gluten Free Beer (Re - USA queries: from matt clark on 2008-07-31

Hi to the people asking about GF beer in the USA.

I was recently there visiting friends and found 3 beers (fairly) available.

One was out of stock in the (independent) shop i was in, but there was a great one called "Redbridge" - it's brewed by Anheuser Busch. Pretty damn tasty. This one was also available in Price Chopper.

There was another which I can't remember the name, it was a black label with a gold bat-like shape on it. I didn't like it as much, so thats probably why I don't remember the name. Go for Redbridge!

I was impressed by the availability and PRICE ($7.99 for 6 bottles) in the states (this was NY, upstate). I recommend try all your local liqour stores, you might be surprised what you find if you've not looked before.

A selection of beer is also available in Risottoria (including big bottles of Greens), a pizza place on Bleecker Street in NYC - yes the pizzas are also gluten free and awesome, and they also have pie, brownies, cake and bread sticks. Go. Now. (they have a website, i think...)

Good luck.


Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from margie on 2008-07-31

i just found out i had celiec disease ...i was being treated for acid reflux for years ...its complicated ..this disease is very silent.but now that i know i have it its getting complicated cause of this gluten free diet can some one please tell me what booze we can drink cause now i need a drink lmao lol seriously

Re What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Sheona (Drossa on 2008-08-01

Contact the Coeliac Society. Visit their web site at There are volunteer groups all around the country - many organising lunches, dinners, trips, talks etc., which will give you an opportunity to meet other diagnosed Coeliacs.

If there isn't an active group in your area, Peter's suggestion that you could think of starting a group for your college is a good one - and it is possible that the Coeliac Society could give you pointers in setting up such a group

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from sarah on 2008-08-09

hi i was just wondering if all sugars are gluten free

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from donna neville on 2008-08-18

I am coeliac and wish to know for sure which breakfast cereals i can eat,, i am fine with other meals but breakfast is my struggle.. i herad that u can eat rice krispies?? is there any shops that do cirnflakes etc... sutiable what does everyione else eat for breakfast apart from fruit and gluten free museli?? thanks x

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Nick on 2008-09-05

Just Wondering....

If UC is a disease involving the large intestine and gluten affects the small intestine does anyone know how a gluten free diet would help? I would think Gluten free would help cure Crohns and not colitis

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2008-09-05

Gluten affects all region of the intestine, and can also affect many other body systems.
The coeliac condition is where gluten causes damage to the villi of the small intestine, but antibody testing now shows that both Crohns and colitis my be closely linked to gluten. Note that this only applies to some cases. There are many other causes of Corhns and colitis

gluten free flours/chapattis: from fozi on 2008-09-06

I notice i can use a lot of different flour alternatives and there are many manufacturers. Just a couple of questions which i would appreciate advice with.

1) Do i need to be careful about brands of these flour and are some manufacturers more likely to be contamination free. I bought various flours to do baking and now am not sure re milling process/contamination. Is this really an issue with rice flour, millet flour etc or should they be ok. im particularly thinking about asian foods and even things like rice noodles produced by companies who also produce wheat noodles. If any one has trused brands i would appreciate your comments.

2) Being a new coeliac, with a south asian diet, im not sure what to make chapattis/roti with, i read e using millet , juwar flour, anyone with any good recipes please help! Thanks v much

gluten free flours/chapattis: from Stephanie on 2008-09-09

You should try the chia seed flour from nuchiafoods.com. It is certified gluten-free and is made in a facility that only produces gluten-free products. You can order online for only $6.89 for a 22oz bag. It can replace traditional wheat flour 1:1. Good luck

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