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Gluten-free Dairy-free and Soya-free recipes: from Peter on 2009-01-29

Fruit Slice
Gluten-free Dairy-free and Soya-free

1/2 tin sweet chestnut puree (about 200g)
1 large carrot
3 eggs
60 ml olive oil
1 spoon black treacle
4 oz sugar
4 oz cornflour
8 oz dried fruit - dates, raisins, fig, ginger

Beat all the ingredients together - I use a liquidiser.
bake in a shallow tray for about 1 hour at 160 degrees celsius

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Chris Atkinson on 2009-02-05

Just in case any one is interested in having a bash at brewing their own beer,

I've tried half a batch of the 'Four Star' and 'Red Diesel' which are both gluten free beer recipes, and have been impressed.

I've PM'd the person who has put together the recipes, and he's had many attempts to pull together these recipes (being a coeliac himself).

Latest attempt is a brew of stout so I'll find out what that's like in a few days/weeks, buts it's certainly been fermenting well.

Don't be put off by the list of ingredients (tea bags, chocolate essence, bovril !!), it works, and I'm hooked...

Also, in response to a quiry earlier in this post, you can buy GFA from hambletons direct. Last lot I purchased just before Xmas 08 was £1.60 a botle, although they were predicting a price rise. Wirth buying in bulk at this price if you like it (the new recipe is much nicer that the last one).

For info, the ale recipes work out at around £15.00 for 20 litres (so around 75p a pint

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Sheila on 2009-02-19

I have products, I was looking for stats on cecliac disease when I came across this site, the producys are gluten, yeast, dairy,and soy free. The name is sonshines mixes (my web site is sonshinesbread.com) there is hemp seed bread, sweet bread, pancake, pastry/ cookie, pizza and brownie. Being diabetic you could have the hemp seed,the pancke, the pizza and the pastry/cookie mixes. Just use agave nector for sweetener it is diabeticly friendly. My products are only in Ontario right now but I will be expnding.I am not trying to advertise you would have to get back to me and I could send you samples, I care that your having a hard time finding somethings to eat

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Karen Johnston on 2009-02-23

My sister has had ulcerative colitis for about 4 years now. She sticks to a gluten free diet but finds that potato starch is a real problem, including the potatoes. Dairy and chocolate seem to agrivate it too. My brother had it for not quite a couple of years before the steroids almost killed him. He lost his colon and we almost lost him. He, however, didn't want to listen to her about going gluten free and paid the ultimum price. She suffered a couple of hospital stays and bloated up like a balloon from those disgusting steroids. They are poison. They may serve their purpose temporarily but her face was blistered and swollen. She now keeps in under control. Sometimes she goes a bit astray and pays the price. It shows up in her face first. See how you go when you eat potatoes and check all ingredients when buying your groceries. I have a intolerance to rice which gives me dermititis on my face, similar to hers from potato and wheat. I too can't eat wheat as it causes great cramps but I don't have coeliacs or ulerative colitis thank god. Hope this helps

Re: gluten and clinical depression: from joan on 2009-02-23

hi i have very bad sleep problem .i can fall asleep watching tv but when i go to bed wide awake has well has cealiac i was just diagnosed in dec i have anxiety due to losing my sister best wishes joan

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Misslizzy on 2009-02-27

I eat Quinoa (pronounced keenwa) for breakfast. It is really nutritious and keeps hunger under wraps until lunch time. It's gluten free, obviously and for a seed is really high in protein (and amino acids) and calcium. You cook it with water and can eat it plain of with fresh fruit pieces or berries. Have tried rice-based porridge with nuts and raisins but I was hungry after 1 hour. We boil our pot of quinoa on a low heat every morning while we're getting dressed. You can have it instead of rice or potatoes with your dinner too. I eat it plain with poached eggs and bacon at the weekend too. I thought I would never be able to enjoy a cooked breakfast like that again but the quinoa has soakage even though it's not sticky. Hope this helps someone

What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Laura on 2009-03-10

I have just been diagnosed with Coeliac and to be honest, im really worried! I'm a fussy eater anyway so this is going to be really difficult for me

My main concern is eating out with my friends, as I'm jsut a teenager, this is a really big part of my social life and so im worried about group meals to Pizza Hut etc

Can anybody give me a rough guidline of what i can eat out takeaway wise and what i cant

epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from on 2009-03-12

Wow I am just discovering about gluten and seizures and it works alleluia

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Dr. Trina Doerfler on 2009-03-23

Any allergen can produce excess fluid in the inner ear, which is where balance operates from..I commonly see balance problems with allergic exposures, whatever the allergen. The body produces the fluid as a protective mechanism, which then causes the balance issues....going gluten free should help, but also perhaps seek out someone that does a preocedure called an endonasal, where the practitioner tugs on the inside of the throat where the eustachian tube exits. This can drain the fluid into the throat and resolve he issue. Good luck

Re Fish and Chips gluten-free: from Pam Johnson on 2009-03-24

We are a cozy fish and chip shop in British Columbia, Canada called: Cozy Bay Seafood Cafe. I am the chef/owner and have been serving gluten-free fish and chips for about 7 years now. Even when we are at our busiest time, I am able to cook gluten-free *allergy meals for customers. It's tricky, but I can do it and have never had people say they've had any reaction, in fact we have lots of regulars as well that are not gluten-free intolerant and they order it as well. (gluten-free non allergy). I serve it in both cod and halibut and I also have a variety of bite-size pieces called "Sunken Treasures" which includes: sole, snapper, salmon, cod and halibut. Our servers are all trained to ask if it is an allergy or not because of special handling in the kitchen. If anyone is so inclined, they should check us out. So far, gluten free *allergy is still a specialty for people. I can't tell you how thrilled some people are to have discovered us. If we weren't so well known with our beer batter and other breaded fish and chips, I'd of started up a gluten free only fish and chips and seafood house... In the meantime, I'm just happy to make other people happy being able to enjoy fish and chips beer battered, breaded, or gluten-free

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