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Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from aimee on 2009-07-06

Hey Vinnie I have had uc for 14 years. Also on Remicade which only worked for a few months. I am also 100\% Italian. We seem to have alot in common. I have been on a gluten free diet for approx. 22 days.Have not seen any progress yet. I sure hope to. Good Luck to you

Re: What you can eat on a gluten-free diet: from Lisa on 2009-07-06

Ive just been diagnosed as a celiac and found that for some reason I can drink cola. It must be the ppreservatives in it

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from jess on 2009-07-20

Maria (my daughters name),

I also have wheat/gluten intolerances. I use to have serious problems during PMS. I would have a lot of pain near my gallbladderstomach area.€ Now, I don't have that problem anymore, when I stopped eating wheat. Tried to link wheat intolerances to female problems but I didn't see anything that linked

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from amy on 2009-07-22

i'm having a difficult time. my sister's children ate those store bought rice bars (gluten, wheat, barley free)from whole foods. Now they are terrible eaters. those bars are loaded w/sugar. i guess i'll go with the mesh bag and fruit, but was hoping to find a buscuit my 10 mo old could eat on her own. i'm considering trying to make something myself w/ the gluten free bread tht my sis buys at whole foods. i'm just nervous about it being a choking hazard. i have given my daughter plain puffed rice in place of cheerios, but she has gagged many time s on it and now just plays with it. bananas are a safer finger food. just very messy

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2009-07-22

remember not to use honey in any recipies until the child is over 1 yr

Does whey have gluten in it: from Ann McReynolds on 2009-08-08

If a product that actually has no gluten is made in a kitchen where breads, cakes etc have been made, it cannot be advertized as gluten free.

I was told to never use a bowl if flour had even once been in the bowl, as you cannot get rid of the residue.

I am supposed to use my own plate, silverware so they cannot be contaminated

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from shabana on 2009-08-09


My mother in law has just been told that she has coeliac disease - she cant tolerate gluten & wheat - she is trying to get used to it, but misses her chapatis obviously. The note above gave me some indictaion on how to make chapatis from buckwheat - but im still not sure. Is buckwheat still wheat though? And how can she make chapati's with this

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2009-08-16

Buckwheat is the see of a rhubarb like plant. Nothing to do with wheat

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from vicky on 2009-08-19

Schnitzer Brau is a new gluten free beer, brewed in the black forest in Germany and it tastes great, it is organic and made from millet malt. To order some, e-mail vicky -at- naturesmaid.com

GLUTEN FREE OATMEAL: from Claire on 2009-08-21

My friend is Coeliac and iv been looking for oatmeal for ages for friend but was wondering if u kno where i can find Bounty chocolate bars for coeliac that dotn have soya in also?? Please