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Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Janette Ingham on 2009-11-12

THANKS for this support!

My (previously healthy) 15 yo daughter has just been through 6 months of suffering beginning with a stomach wog, then prescribed Flagyl (antibiotics), then they discovered Blastocystis Hominus a relatively common amoebic creature, so she was treated with 5x loads of antibiotics inserted as an enema. Her symptoms only worstened, cramps, reflux, undigested bowel movements. Then I found the symptoms of gluten intolerance online (no doctor came up with it) and (praise God) after 4 days off it the pains have gone away. However, she's sad her diet has to change, I'm hoping it won't be permanent.

Regards, Janette

Date Nov 2009

4 month old baby and gluten: from Candice on 2009-11-21

I am so glad i found this sight.. I have just had my 4th baby and found that everytime i ate something homemade like slice or cupcakes he would be up all night screaming.. I baked a few things myself to experiment to see what it could be in the recipe and could only come up with self raising flour.. I did suspect it could be gluten so i tried the same recipe with a gluten free flour and he still screamed all night.. I spoke to older mothers around me and none of them could understand it.. But i know something was upsetting him.. So after reading some of these stories i know i am not going crazy and i feel as though it does make sense now.. I reckon its the wheat .. Thanx to the original person that posted the question and to all of you that answered it.. It certainly has helped me and I am sure many others

Re: Gluten intolerance and severe joint pain: from Tina on 2009-11-21

I can not believe I found this information. I have twins, one with autism, soon to be 8 years of age. Tried to use the GF/CF diet at 4 years of age. Unable to continue this because of the texture aversion and very limited foods. I continued to let my child eat what would go into his tummy. He began severe toe pain over a year ago. 2-'09 I took to a new pediatrician and she said Plantar Fasciitis ( pain would be in heal of foot from this). Wanted feet x-rays, mentioned arthritis and broke bones. Pedia. told me this toe pain and rubbing toes and screaming in pain from my child was all aggressive behaviors, told her my son went the opposite way and has never had aggressive behaviors. Told me that she saw my son jumping on his feet while at her office with my husband and that if he had toe pain he wouldn't be able to jump. I replied that well if you think that then what makes you think he may have broke bones in feet and requesting x-rays? I made her angry at me by saying this and she wrote me a nasty 3 page letter stating that I had a psychiatric disorder and sent copy to our new pedia. and we had a one hour conversation with him in which he told us he thought previous pedia. was stating maunchausen. My son recently began to have full blown allergic reactions after eating boxed cake mix. I took to allergist who said allergies have nothing to do with toe pain. Last week I got x-rays by podiatrist and his feet and bones are perfect. I am sick to my stomach that this doctor has done this maunchausen thing against me. I really don't care what they think of me , I just want my child to be pain free. I can deal with the autism. Because my child is non-verbal and unable to describe his pain with words is why we have been treated this way. Can someone please tell me where to find the scientific researched info. for joint pain in children with gluten intolerance. I am so grateful to the person's who posted this information

Re: Gluten intolerance and severe joint pain: from Peter on 2009-11-21

Hans ZJ
Affiliation: Yankton Bone Joint & Sports Medicine Center, Yankton, SD, USA.
Title: Celiac disease: its implications for orthopaedic nursing.
Source: Orthopaedic nursing / National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (Orthop Nurs) 2008 Sep-Oct; 27(5): 291-4; quiz 295-6
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Language: English
Abstract: Celiac disease (CD), also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is an inherited autoimmune disease that can lead to multisystem effects. Left undiagnosed and untreated, it has severe orthopaedic implications involving osteoporosis and unnecessary treatment of joint pain, which could be avoided. The orthopaedic nurse may have thought that CD was primarily an abdominal disorder. We need to be aware of the potential practice implications in orthopaedics by understanding the disease, its diagnosis, and treatment. Furthermore, orthopaedic nurses can contribute to current research by studying the relationships between CD and orthopaedic problems

Re: Gluten intolerance and severe joint pain: from Peter on 2009-11-21

Slot O ; Locht H
Affiliation: Department of Rheumatology, Copenhagen County Hospital Gentofte, Hellerup, Denmark.
Title: Arthritis as presenting symptom in silent adult coeliac disease. Two cases and review of the literature.
Source: Scandinavian journal of rheumatology (Scand J Rheumatol) 2000; 29(4): 260-3
Additional Info: NORWAY
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Language: English
Abstract: We report 2 cases of adult silent coeliac disease (CD) presenting with arthritis of a knee and a sacro-iliac joint, respectively. In both patients the arthritis was relieved on a gluten free diet. The literature on arthritis in adult CD is reviewed

Re: Gluten intolerance and severe joint pain: from Peter on 2009-11-21

Author(s): Bourne JT ; Kumar P ; Huskisson EC ; Mageed R ; Unsworth DJ ; Wojtulewski JA
Title: Arthritis and coeliac disease.
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases (Ann Rheum Dis) 1985 Sep; 44(9): 592-8
Additional Info: ENGLAND
Standard No: ISSN: 0003-4967 (Print); 1468-2060 (Electronic); NLM Unique Journal Identifier: 0372355
Language: English
Abstract: We report six patients with coeliac disease in whom arthritis was prominent at diagnosis and who improved with dietary therapy.

Joint pain preceded diagnosis by up to three years in five patients and 15 years in one patient. Joints most commonly involved were lumbar spine, hips, and knees (four cases). In three cases there were no bowel symptoms. All were seronegative. X-rays were abnormal in two cases. HLA-type A1, B8, DR3 was present in five and B27 in two patients. Circulating immune complexes showed no consistent pattern before or after treatment. Coeliac disease was diagnosed in all patients by jejunal biopsy, and joint symptoms in all responded to a gluten-free diet. Gluten challenge (for up to three weeks) failed to provoke arthritis in three patients tested. In a separate study of 160 treated coeliac patients attending regular follow up no arthritis attributable to coeliac disease and no ankylosing spondylitis was identified, though in a control group of 100 patients with Crohn's disease the expected incidence of seronegative polyarthritis (23\%) and ankylosing spondylitis (5\%) was found (p less than 0.01). Arthritis appears to be a rare manifestation of coeliac disease. This relationship may provide important clues to the role of gastrointestinal antigens in rheumatic diseases

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Karen on 2009-12-10

I guess if you've had the disease and the gluten free works then it must have something to do with it don't you think. My sister has UC, she went gluten free and potato free and she hasn't felt better in the past 3 years. My brother also got it and he refused to go gluten free and he almost died from a hemorage from his bowel that burst from the disease and now has a bag for the rest of his life. So hey if it's working then go for it. I swear it saved her from what my brother went through and he got it after her. Putting steroids into your body until you puff up like a balloon with blisters weeping from your face or changing your eating habits and live normally. Hmmmm that's a hard one.....not

Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Adam Paul on 2009-12-21

Yes! I have been a UC suffered for over 20yrs and have found only recently that with my flare ups, has been from Gluten and MSG ! After moving to HK and China noticed a daily flare up and found it to be the gluten in the found and also the daily intake of MSG in all the chinese dishes..

I firmly believe these 2 products been the cause of my long problem.

After 20yrs of finding out what caused it, I am relieved now what causes my flare ups!

I really hope this works for all your readers as it has for me who suffer severe pains and bleeding.