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Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread Recipes: from Krista Catlow on 2010-05-10

Hello Margaret,

Would you mind emailing me the recipes you have for yeast free and gluten free bread. I too have the SD253 and am struggling to find any recipes that produce good quality bread.

Many many thanks for the offer,


Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from yoon on 2010-05-10

Scott and Brenda

I don't have the answers but share the problem of joint pain which has become noticeable since going on the gluten free diet (diagnosed for about 3 months now). It also paticularly affects my fingers and wrist as well as knees. Frequent feeling cold in my knees too. There is a link between celiac and rheumatoid arthritis but I'm hoping its not that. Maybe just a withdrawal symptom to the gluten free diet? I'm supplementing zinc, magnesium and calcium at the moment as I don't seem to have enough calcium in my diet - still get reactions to milk/cheese etc so I think intestinal villi not recovered enough yet.

Thanks. Yoon

Re: Wheatfree = Gluten Free: from Karyn Shanlin on 2010-05-12


I got it this week in Waitrose.


Cosmetics and Make Up Gluten / Wheat free - please help: from Karen on 2010-05-14


I need to find some cosmetics that are free from gluten, wheat, (barley, oats, rye), soy, yeast and are vegan (no dairy, casein, lactose, whey.)

Can anyone please help me.

I've tried Afterglow but they have cross contamination issues and have aqdvised me not to use.

Herbs of Grace seems OK but unsure on gluten - has anyone used?

I've also tried contacting Laranim but no reply yet.

Bare essentials and mineral make up both said to avoid because of CC issues.

Barry M have wheatgerm in some products and unsure what the Vit E is derived from.

I've emailed so many firms but replies are slow in returning because I've so many allergies.

Is there any make ups / cosmetics I could use.

Any help is very grateful.

Thanks for reading!

Gluten / wheat free flour: from Sara on 2010-05-16

Does anyone know of any gluten/wheat free flours like rice or potato that do not have Cross contamination issues. DF's told me to avoid! There must be one somewhere! Thanks

gluten free crisps: from barbara on 2010-07-05

Smiths crisps are gf.

also Asda do one their own brand.. and maybe th e other stores do

I am looking for a good soda bread recipe as I am lactose intolerant and yeast free

I live in Nottingham and are also looking for a holiday. maybe on where I can learn more cookery of this darned problem, or challenge

Re Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from barbara perryman on 2010-07-12

dear P.S.D., first of all you have my sympathy. I am 57 yrs old, and have had UC for more than 3 yrs, and it is the most devistating thing that has ever happened to me. I am now going on a Gluten Free diet hoping that it will give me some relief from this horrid disease. When I am having a flare up, I eat a lot of mashed potatoes, and baby rice cereal with banana. On line you can find seveal Low Residue Diets, which can help too. I use wet heat with a towel on my tummy to help with the pain, but the prednisone, and mercaptopurine seem to help end the flare up. I am on 9 Colozal a day for maintenance too. I am hoping that new research will come soon to really give us some hope. Join the CCFA as soon as possile. They have a lot of information for young people like yourself. Best to you.


Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Elle MacCallister on 2010-07-16

Two years ago I met a wonderful man with ulcerative colitis. He was on seven medications when we met.

I had recently been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease (inner ear, I have issues eliminating sodium from my body). During the diagnosis phase before I knew what I had, I began a series of diets to determine whether my problems were food/food allergy related. As a result of all the various food eliminations, and reading the labels on all the foods I was eating, I became very aware of the types of nutrients and chemicals I was putting in my body. I eat only complex carbohydrates, and almost no processed food. I try to limit my dairy to one or two servings per day. I also eat a large amount of raw and gently steamed fruits and vegetables. I get my protein and omega3s/6s from Hemp Protien Powder and fish and some chicken with a very rare addition of red meat.

The reason I spilled all that about me is that as our relationship progressed, he began to eat more like I do. We recently moved in together and I do all the shopping and almost all the cooking. He has only had one flare up since we started living together and thats the second one since we've met. According to him they've not only reduced in frequency, but also in length and severity. He is no longer on predisone or the other immuno suppressers and steroids he used to take. He takes calcium, a multi vitamin and fish oil, along with 3 other medications in the morning, which are folic acid, perscription strength omeprazole (150-200mg), and sulfasalazine. His last colonoscopy, the MD said that on a scale of one to ten, one being the least severe and ten being the most severe, the disease ranked a 2. The previous year the disease ranked a 7.

Before we started seeing each other and moved in together his diet consisted largely of cheese, simple carbohydrates like flour tortillas and bread, and large amounts of other dairy products and fast food.

I know it's just anecdotal evidence, and what has worked for us may not necessarily work for you, but it may help which is the reason I'm throwing it out here, into the void of the internet.


epilepsy, seizures and gluten: from Julia on 2010-07-22

Hello Catherine, my son has a rare form of epilepsy and had infantile spasms. We tried lots of medications, but nothing really worked. Now we are on a special diet called the ketogenic diet. Its a high fat and gluten free diet. We are also casein free. It has halved his seizures. Some children become seizure free. The diet can only be initiated with a neurologist and a dietician

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Jenny on 2010-07-30

I think I am gluten & dairy intolerant. Dairy products tend to make me feel nauseous & I get bloated after eating. I've found that after eating pasta or rice I get bloated & after eating some foods, they tend to lay heavy on my stomach. Could this be gluten intolerance?

Many Thanks