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Re: UK Gluten free suet: from Dennis on 2010-11-28

Tesco also do a veg. suet

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Rick on 2010-11-28

26 y.o. male w/ U.C., was diagnosed at 20 y.o., Rx'ed Asacol, had pancreatitis at 22 (Dr. accused me of being an alcoholic - bad times). I went on an elimination diet, and found that if I avoid gluten, dairy, and nuts I can manage the disease with diet and exercise alone. Not only is the U.C. a non-issue, but I am digesting much better without these trigger foods. I wholeheartedly recommend trying an elimination diet.


Gluten free suet: from Kirsty Cummins on 2010-12-16

I spoke to community and they told me it cannot be garunteed that the suet they make is GF. I was gutted as I had already bought the product. This was November 2010

Gluten free suet: from Kirsty Cummins on 2010-12-23

I spoke to community and they told me it cannot be garunteed that the suet they make is GF. I was gutted as I had already bought the product. This was November 2010

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Bernie on 2011-01-14

I have been gluten free (not strictly ) for about a year. Happened across a book which said that symptoms could be from gluten intolerance. Currently I am waiting on a biopsy in 6 weeks to check for celiac. I have been eating gluten for about a week in prep for this test.

My joints in hands are sore and quite swollen. Certain times of the day I seem to have a hypoglycemic reaction and I need to take milk. I just ate bread about 1.5hr ago, with tuna and tomato and now I am getting tingly face, numbness, speech slurr, and dizzy, where if I dont have small glass of milk I will go into a passed out type state, but am still awake and aware what is going on but cant move. It is quite extreme and will seem to happen daily. This seems to stop when I am gluten free?

The joint pain which is a lot in my fingers, but also in general, the body feels general ache and pain as well. I am unsure what I will do if the biopsy comes back negative, but may go to a dietician to help me try gluten free diet strictly to see what happens.

My questions are: will the joint pain go away if on strict gluten free (if I am intolerant), has anyone else had this hypoglycemic reaction? (someone has commented that they go tingly and numb in their arms and legs. I get this also, which I feel like I am going paralysed. I have collapsed at work at times and had to get taken to hospital in ambulance. Hoping to answers soon

Re: Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Peter on 2011-01-14

Your symptoms do seem to be quite a severe allergic reaction. Even if this is not a coeliac case, you still need urgent medical advice on how to tackle this problem.

There are cases in the literature where all the symptoms that you describe are caused by a reaction to wheat gluten, and clear up completely on a gluten-free diet. However this syndrome is very uncommon. Please do update this thread when you have results to report. Thanks

gluten free crisps: from Linda on 2011-01-27

If you have a Costco in your town - they have some great Multi grain chips that are gluten free, and they are very tasty. Sorry right off hand I can't think of the name brand. If you'd like to know please reply to this and I will find out.

Good luck. I'm gluten free myself. Everything that my husband has tried he says tastes really good. These chips we both like.


Linda B

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from JAMILA on 2011-04-02


i was searching for ulcerative colitis caused by allergies,this web page came up. My 7 year old was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago,but recentley after a colonoscopy and endoscopy, showed inflamation to the gut. At the moment my 7 year old is on prednisolone and pentasa,you have mentioned pentasa caused you side effects to the liver. Was it pancreatitis? my daughter is on 250mg 3x, i would appreaciate any advice. Kind Regards

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Anita on 2011-06-08

Wow!!! It is definitely no coincidence that I found this forum!! I think of it as Godincidence! My 14-yr old daughter was diagnosed with UC when she was 9 yrs old. After being on meds which we tapered off of over the course of four years, then down to nothing, she had a flare up about 7 months ago that landed her in the hospital three times since. It got so bad this January that she was hospitalized for 11 days with "treatments" that included: oral meds (anti-inflammatory), IV meds (sterroids and antibiotics), medicated enemas, a blood transfusion-due to severe low blood count, a pic line to receive nutrition, a low-residue diet. She was so weak, dehydrated and practically lifeless (except for her bowel) that she needed a bedside commode. After realizing the meds were not working, she had a colonoscopy and EGD only to discover the severity would require Remicade treatments every two months for about a year or removal of the affected area of the colon. What do you think we chose? The treatments of course!! To say the least, I am happy the treatment seems to be effective, but my mind (as her mother--not her doctor) never rests...I worry about the possible side effects of all this and will not rest until I have more answers.

Now, with all that being said, in the course of all of this and through much prayer, I have been researching natural remedies, including better (greener) supplements and vitamins and minerals. I have had numerous friends encourage me to look into the whole "gluten-free" diet and try it. But with all the chaos of her illness and so many people offering their advice--some who have no idea--we have been trying to get her to a "stable" point so we can think clearly about all of it. I have recently taken her to a homeopath (also an RN) who suggested the gluten-free diet and better nutritional supplements. After reading all of your posts, you have convinced me that it is definitely worth a shot--to give her her life back!!

Since most doctors are not suggesting this themselves, they have no idea! I truly had no idea and was skeptical until I came upon this forum and found the "clinical" results you all posted to be ultimately promising!!! We should all print (if this is legal) the comments (your clinical results) and hand a copy over to doctors overseeing our care. They need to hear (read) all of the positive results from so many for them to get on board with this!!! This cumulative review of so many people, from many walks of life, from different countries and various associated illnesses should raise their eyebrows and open their minds for sure!!!

I just want to say thanks to all of you for sharing your problems, your concerns and your encouragement. Please pray that I can help my daughter make this diet transition go smoothly for her. I can't wait to let her read this forum; I cannot say thank you enough! Keep spreading the word about your successes!! Best of luck to you

Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from val on 2011-06-25

I had extremely bad UC for two years that no medication seemed to help, nor did remicade, nor steroids. I had a colectomy and then the reversal to a j-pouch last year. I have now had severe pouchitis three times in 5 months. I began a gluten free diet 2 weeks ago and am now also removing all dairy and high fructose corn syrup. So far I haven't noticed any difference, but I also currently have a flare-up of severe pouchitis that my dr just gave me an antibiotic for.

My question is to anyone who has a j-pouch, how normal can i expect my bm's to get if this diet works and food is the culprit. Can I expect to return to normal bm's like I had before I developed UC? Any idea how long I need to give this diet to tell if it is going to work? I've heard anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Thank you in advance for any advise you can give me