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Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Tiff on 2011-06-26

I was diagnosed with UC 17 years ago and has been on Asacol for a out 16 years until I started a GF diet. It has eliminated my UC symptoms and has improved my condition! My doctor still believes I do have UC but with the help of GF diet, it is well controlled until I eat gluten or dairy which seems to go hand in hand. I have had a few flare ups due to eating gluten and dairy and the only way together back to norm is taking my UC meds. I would then wean off once symptoms are gone. Since I seem to flare easily because of party foods and eating at restaurants. Flare ups have been very often. Now I just take 4 tabs of Asacol instead of 12 for maintenance, otherwise I have no wiggle room. I buy some of my snacks from Trader Joes or Whole Foods. I drink soy milk with Chex GF cereal for breakfast. Costco also has a variety of GF chips. It's not as hard as you think. It forces you to eat better! Good luck. Your condition WILL improve with this diet and dairy free as well.


Re Gluten intolerance and Pain: from Kris on 2011-07-06

I heard that Europe and UK use Wheat-based Glucose syrup in their candy. Bounty bars have glucose syrup as their 3 ingredients. When I eat them they do a number on me. Just wondering if anyone else has this same reaction? Thanks

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Trudy on 2011-07-30

Hi - I've recently been diagnosed with Colitis - and have been a coeliac for approx 15 years - I was wondering whether there was any connection - it does seem like my insides don't like dealing with food, one way or another lol! I only came across this site as I was looking for info regarding gf fish and chips in Newquay as we are going on holiday at the end of August - any info appreciated

Re: Gluten Intolerance and Ulcerative Colitis: from Peter on 2011-07-30

I don't think that there is any doubt that some cases of ulcerative colitis are caused by gluten or wheat in the diet.
But it is not the only cause.
People who react to gluten or wheat also seem to have a higher rate of adverse reactions to other foods as well.
So ulcerative colitis might be cause by other foods you are eating even though you are on a gluten-free diet.
Try and eat as varied a diet as possible, keep processed foods to the minimum, keep a diary of what you eat and any symptoms, and you might be able to spot a connection

Do eggs contain gluten: from Jayne on 2011-08-10

Do eggs contain gluten?


Do eggs contain gluten: from Peter on 2011-08-10

Eggs do not contain gluten.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein

Does milk contain gluten: from Jayne on 2011-08-10

Does milk contain gluten

Does milk contain gluten: from Peter on 2011-08-10

Milk does not contain gluten

does maize starch contain gluten: from Julie on 2011-08-10

Does maize starch contain gluten? and does modified corn starch contain gluten?

does maize starch contain gluten: from Peter on 2011-08-10

Maize starch, modified maize starch and flour made from maize such as cornflour are all gluten-free