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Re: Gluten-Free for life: from Peter on 2007-04-19

If you are still experiencing severe symptoms after 12 weeks you need to go back to your doctor and seek further advice.
The villi should be recovering by now on a totally gluten-free diet.
Check your diet very carefully to make sure that you are not eating anything that may contain gluten.

In a small proportion of people with the coeliac condition, soya will also cause problems - this is well documented in the medical literature.

In an even smaller proportion of people any finely refined flour will cause problems. i.e whole grain rice is fine for them, but a fine rice flour made into bread causes them problems (leaky gut syndrome)

Any irritation to the gut increases the risk of cancer, but anything that you do to decrease that irritation reduces the risk of cancer again. The gut will heal itself, but it will still react to the substance that irritated it in the first place.

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