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gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-01-28

I am looking for a gluten-free teething cooking for my 8 month old. A recipe or store bought.
(I am in canada

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from Peter on 2004-01-31

Why cookies?

A much better alternative is a finger sized lump of carrot - not so thin that bits will break off.


Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-04-07

You are kidding right? Your suggestion is not only wrong it could be dangerous. Teething biscuits are designed to disolve if any part of them breaks off. Responsible parents would never leave their inexperienced eaters unattended in any case, however just because you're sitting there does not mean a piece of carrot cannot be bitten off by a teething child. Under no circumstances have I ever seen a piece of carrot disolve. That woman needs a safe solution

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-04-07

Did you ever get a helpful reply? I am in need also

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-04-30

My daugter likes gluten free rice cakes you can get them in most super markets she is also eight months

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-05-23

are rice cakes a safe alternative for a 7 month old to use as a teething biscuit

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2004-07-23

Try this email address, or use google and put in "gluten free teething" in the search bar. I have found gluten free, wheat free arrowroot cookies, and other teething biscuit products on this website (listed above) and by doing this search. There is also a site that appears in the search that has a lot of recipes for many other kinds of gluten free/allergy free foods.
Carrots are NOT a good idea!
I do not know about rice cakes. I have two children...the teether is now almost 8 months old. I also love the product that you can find in Babies r Us stores or perhaps online that is a mesh bag attatched to a rubber teether handle in which you can give a baby fresh whole foods such as cantaloupe, honeydew, peeled apple slices, and other fruits without fear of them getting a chunk off to choke on. The device was invtnted by a mother who wanted to be able to give good foods fresh and whole. My daughter loves it, and feels like she is eating the same way we are.
Hope this helps

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Ashley on 2005-05-18

Did anyone ever find gluten-free teeting cookies? I am in need of something that my son can pick up as "finger food" and cheerios is just not possible b/c of the gluten. Any suggestions?

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Elizabeth on 2005-06-10

I am looking for the same thing for my boy...arrowroot biscuits...anyone know where to find them or who might make them?