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Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Suzanne on 2005-06-25

Mi-del makes gluten-free arrowroot cookies but they're not exactly teething biscuits ... they don't last as long and will turn to mush.

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Clare on 2005-07-05

Dear all,

you can buy gluten-free flour at most major supermarkets now so why not tap in home-made teething biscuits into the internet and substitue this for normal flour in the recipes. This is better anyway as there are no preservatives or artificial flavourings in them. My daughter, Madeleine is 4 1/2 months old and reaching for anything to put in her mouth. Although vegetables are preferable, it is hard to provide clean, prepared, chilled items when you are out and about and teething biscuits are so convenient. One recipe I found is 1 cup of flour (gluten-free), 1 cup of baby cereal and 1 cup of natural, unsweetened juice. Roll them into bars and bake for 20-30 mins at 350 degrees. Am going to try these tonight so I'll let you know. Hope this is of some use.


Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Laurie J on 2006-06-07

Healthy Times makes a great teething bisquit in maple and vanilla flavors, they use oat and barley flour instead of wheat. You can find them in the health food stores.

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Brooke on 2006-06-08

I have also used carrots as a teether- I will only use it while there is no evidence of the thooth actually sticking up- just when the gums are swollen and sore- my 8 month old loves it- I think she likes the coldness and the fact that she can hold on to it.

I also have one of those mesh feeders that you can buy at babies r us- it is great- the mesh even rubs her gums while she is sucking on the frozen banana that I put in it. The only downside is that if you don't have a dishwasher (like me)- it is a bit of a pain to clean.

I have considered giving my baby the teething cookies, but I'm not sure how I feel about giving her cookies and teaching her to eat them throughout the day. Later will she always want cookies and not other healthful things??

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from Morgan on 2006-07-13

the Healthy Times bisquit would not work for a celiac due to the barley. That's the problem I've been running into....everything has barley in it, if it doesn't have wheat.

Just a warning to those celiac moms - check the lables of the Rice cerial - some have barley and malt flavoring in them. Gerber's rice cerial seems safe.

How'd those bisquits turn out? I think I might have to try that recipie too )

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from JEN on 2007-04-06



and she used some molasses, gluetan free flour of some sort and probably some apple juice...my mom can't remember she is like Reagan these days but

I know she made them

look for vinatge 70's recipies books

it was all the rage PEACE!

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from Jondril on 2008-10-08

For finger foods, Rice Chex has gone gluten free and my 8-month-old son loves them, as well as plain and apple cinnamon rice cakes, but don't get the mini ones. There is a lot of other stuff in them. He is intolerant of oats and wheat

Re gluten-free teething cookies: from amy on 2009-07-22

i'm having a difficult time. my sister's children ate those store bought rice bars (gluten, wheat, barley free)from whole foods. Now they are terrible eaters. those bars are loaded w/sugar. i guess i'll go with the mesh bag and fruit, but was hoping to find a buscuit my 10 mo old could eat on her own. i'm considering trying to make something myself w/ the gluten free bread tht my sis buys at whole foods. i'm just nervous about it being a choking hazard. i have given my daughter plain puffed rice in place of cheerios, but she has gagged many time s on it and now just plays with it. bananas are a safer finger food. just very messy

Re: gluten-free teething cookies: from on 2009-07-22

remember not to use honey in any recipies until the child is over 1 yr

gluten-free teething cookies: from Jodi on 2010-03-03

Hot Kid Baby Mum Mum biscuits are organic rice rusks and gluten free. My 10 month old has been having them for months and yes, they dissolve. They are wonderful...he can hold them too