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gluton free foods: from keri on 2005-06-09

ok. im researching some information about gluton free foods because my mom has a little preschooler( my moms a preschool teacher) and she would like some info on gluton free foods to make the little girl in her class GLUTON FREE. this little girl in her class has celiac. and she is not able to eat foods with gluton in it without having a bad reaction.

if you have any info please contact me


Gluton: from muriel on 2006-05-23

Could you please tell me what gluton actually is. My sister is being tested for gluton allergy and we are not sure what it is Thank you

Gluton: from Gwen Wright on 2006-08-27

I have tried to loose weight for years and I am seriously wondering if I am alergic to Gluton, have all sweets got gluton in them ?and what is Gluton?it does make me wonder if this is the cause of my flare ups with my Ostioatheritis.
Yours Gwen Wright.

Gluton: from James Butterfield on 2006-10-26

Dear Sir
I have started checking all food that I buy and came across the word Gluton
and saturated Fats which was in a packet of oats that I bought. could you please tell what Gluton is ?
James Butterfield

Gluton: from brownberries on 2007-02-07

I need some tips on gluton-free desserts, can you give me some alternatives to most ingredients that include glutons?

Gluton: from Grace Chan on 2007-03-23

My son is 2 years old. He is allergy to bread, biscuit and those food make with flours. The body reaction will come on within half an hour after he eating the bread or biscuit. His body will come out with red rashes especially the shoulder and back and are very itchy. Is he allergy to gluton?