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Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Denise on 2006-10-29

Hello, I am trying to organise Christmas baking. My husband was diagnosed a ceoliac earlier this year, although lots of things have had to change I would like to keep Christmas as normal as possible for him. I am going to follow the recipe for Heathers Christmas Cake. I was wondering if I bake the cake now, will it keep until Christmas as a cake made with normal flour would? Thanks and best wishes to all.

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Peter on 2006-10-29

Heather's Christmas Cake is a good keeping cake, so certainly bake it now for Christmas.

Incidentally, I have just been clearing out my store cupboard to make room for this seasons chutney, and found a Christmas pudding from last year at the back, still in excellent condition.

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from angela purdon on 2006-12-05

my friend has just been diagnosed with celiacs, and has always loved my xmas cake. She was very upset about not being able to have one this year so i thought if i found a recipe i could suprise her.


Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Dominic on 2007-10-30

Yes, this all sounds fantastic, but just exactly where can I find the recipe?..Or am I just being stupid

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Peter on 2007-10-30

The complete text of the cookery book is on the link Gluten-free Cookery at the top left of this page.

Heathers recipe is at the following link:

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Mr Dominic Paul John Adams on 2007-10-30

I knwe I was an oidit

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Eleanor on 2007-11-02


am all new to this so bear with me... can anybody tell me if it is a proven fact that eating a gluten-free diet improves the symptoms of IBS and where I can obtain any dietry info.