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Help, why is beening a ceoliac so frustrating: from Cherrie Jones on 2008-08-21

Hi, I have never done this before but thought it might help me. I was diagnosed last July and after following a strict gluten-wheat free diet was feeling much better.I then got a stomach bug and all hell broke loose, it was as if i had started from scratch.

I have also recently been in the states and found the diet very hard to follow as no one knew anything about where to shop or eat ect, and developed severe pains and this has been going on for 4 weeks now. It sometimes is so bad that i can not even stand up straight and end up in bed for the day.I am in pain every day now and am following a strict gluten- wheat free diet.

Has this ever happened to anyone else as i am really worried/scared, as dr told me that they will do bloods tomorrow to check levels but it could be the showing of colitis which would mean more cameras to determine if it is.

This is really depressing me as I feel no one understands. Please help is this normal

Help, why is beening a ceoliac so frustrating: from Peter on 2008-08-21

Unfortunately, although you are coeliac, you are just as likely to get other things wrong with you as anyone else.

Both a stomach bug, and not following the diet for a time, can cause damage to the digestive system. If things haven't returned to normal even following a strict gluten-free diet then you need to work with your doctor to find out what has gone wrong.