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help with dinner tonight: from on 2004-09-27

We are entertaining a dinner guest tonight who is gluten intolerant. I know she can eat steak and a baked potato, but don't know enough about the disorder to plan a dessert. Is there anything I can serve that I could find ingredients for at our local grocery? I don't have time to order special flour. Is fresh fruit an option?
Thanks for your help

Re: help with dinner tonight: from on 2004-12-08

Pudings made with corn starch should be OK, as long as there is no modified food starch, or dextrin. A fruit salad is safe , with a couple of gluten free cookies along the edge. You can get them at health food stores. In our stores some ready made puddings are safe, but you have to be sure there is no gluten ingredient added. I advise that you make sure she can have dairy and egg products, since some people on gluten also have problems with that. Fruit is safe