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Herbs & Spices: from on 2003-08-31

I know that everyone seems to say that "can eats" include "all herbs & spices".

But I've also read that one has to be very careful about how stuff has been milled/ground/packaged, in case of cross-contamination - the two bits of advice don't really tally!

I can't find any info on which brands of basic spices or herbs (not mixtures) are guaranteed gluten-free, here in the UK. So - am I being *too* fussy here? I want to carry on making "Chilli con Quinova

Re: Herbs & Spices: from Peter on 2003-09-13

I would suggest that you buy your ingredients from a big supermarket such as Tesco. Their factory inspections are very thorough, and cross contamination would lose the factory its contract.

Cross contamination is far more likely in health / bulk food shops with open bins.
Stone-ground flour can never be regarded as free of contaminants unless dedicated mills are used for gluten-free products.


Re: Herbs & Spices: from on 2003-09-22

Dear Christine,

Asda label a lot of their herbs & spices as gluten-free. Try them to see if they have what you want as a gluten-free product.


Re: Herbs & Spices: from on 2004-03-28

I have found that growing my own herbs and spices works best.
I love to garden and receive great satisfaction when they are harvested. I use them fresh and dried

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