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Holiday in Madeira: from Peter Thomson on 2002-04-21

Just got back from an excellent holiday in Madeira - walking mostly.

Found that the food in the little bars in Funchal where they serve the locals is nearly all gluten-free anyway - if you avoid the bread.
Ate extremely well for the week and no mistakes.

The paradise gardens tearoom on the main levada bakes fresh gluten-free biscuits.


Re: Holiday in Madeira: from Lyn on 2003-01-15

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Re: Holiday in Madeira: from on 2004-02-15

holiday in madeira
i am going in a few months.just wonder if is gluten free bread{fresh baked}..
hope i hear from you soon thanks
john n

Re: Holiday in Madeira: from D Smith on 2011-11-18

We are planning a holiday in Madeira but wary on hotels ability to provide gluten free options for meals. most hotels appear to be buffet style, suggesting take it or leave it, at your descresion.

Any one able to recommend an hotel