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Re: How long for GF diet to work: from Peter on 2007-07-07

One possibility that suggests itself to me from what you describe is a 'leaky gut syndrome'.
This is where the gut will absorb very fine particles of food that have not been properly digested - mostly these are very fine flour and spices. These cause inflammation of the gut lining very similar to a gluten reaction.

The bread, cake and biscuits are all introducing this fine flour into the diet, even though gluten-free.

You could try a period without any refined flour of any sort, and see if that establishes a healthy baseline. I would also keep it gluten-free as well.

You can make a healthy snack from cooked rice, raisins,dates, nuts, but miss out the spices.

How long for GF diet to work: from Brandi on 2009-11-25

I am wondering what good for my son I have been doing. There's no gluten in his diet, but his father will still take him out for pizza and fries. I am good with all the foods I give to him, with the exception to his dad. For five days now I can say I know exactly what he's eating there was no gluten. Before that it's been two weeks of foods without. My question is how long untill I know he's free in his system. Also this something I just tried because he has ezcema and wanted to find out if it was gluten.


Re: How long for GF diet to work: from sherry kaskey on 2010-03-04

I have gluten intolerance and was improving with a gluten free diet, then my old bad symptoms reappeared. I discovered that the problem was in the soy milk I had started drinking. I hadn't looked at the label carefully enough: it contained wheat and barley extracts