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I suffered severe pain for almost 20yrs. eventually the doctors removed my gallbladder 4yrs.ago thinking i would be pain free after that, that only lasted about a month,the pain is so severe at times i could just give up on life itself.Recently i was at my local hospital to see a consultant who told me of my condition,not only celiac disease i'm anneamic and have i.b.s can it get any worse,when i asked him about the pain he said i'd have to live with it,as i am on dyhidracodine for athritis,but when i get an attack from the ibs and celiac i'm doubled in two surely they cant leave me like this the rest of my life,i'm 51 as we get older we cant handle the pain like we used to.There's been nights i've been in so much pain i get up at 2 and three in the morning so i dont waken my husband,he's so supportive i dont know what i'd do without him,surely if i call a doctor out of hours he could give me an injection for the pain when its at its worse,i'm at my wits end on this i could really do with some advise on what to do when i'm in so much pain,,i'd rather have ten kids the labour goes after you give birth but this pain is totally controlling my life.any advise on what to do would be truly appreciative.Anna Mallon West Lothian,Scotland.