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Re IBS: from Peter on 2005-04-22

There is always a possibility that other foods can irritate the gut and cause symptoms.
Reduce the amount of alcohol and coffee you have in a day as these are known to be irritants.
Wile keeping stricktly to your gluten-free diet, eat as wide a variety of foods as you can, and don't eat the same foods every day. Keep a notebook of what you eat, and when you get symptoms. You may find that there is a pattern and that will help you detect if there is anything else you should avoid. Skin prick allergy tests are not as effective as keeping a notebook.

Foods such as milk/cheese/butter and soya products can cause problems for some people. - but don't stop eating these unless your notes show a clear pattern that links to them.


Re Wheatfree = Gluten Free IBS: from stacee on 2005-07-05

I feel for you guys I really do! I am 25 and have endomoetriois, polysystic ovaries, IBs and am waiting for the results on celiacs. It is so depressing, that I am eating all the wrong foods have only stopped training 3 weeks ago and gained 3 kilos.
I can't eat anything! Not even apples and it doesn't seem like there is much help ouit there on a a diet for all of the above. I say we all chip in and come up with one!

Re: Coeliac plus IBS: from Peter on 2007-07-19

You have to stick to a completely gluten-free diet. Once you are completely gluten-free then there should be no pain caused by gluten.
You may find that symptoms of IBS also start to reduce as your gut starts to heal itself. The IBS may have been caused by the reaction to gluten.

You may also find that the arthritis starts to improve as this can also be a symptom of gluten damage.

Your anaemia may also simply be the result of the damage that gluten has done to your gut.

So provided that you stick to a completely gluten-free diet you should see a reduction in your problems, but it may take several months for the full benefit to become clear.