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Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-03-18


Has anyone ever heard of the theory that Persons diagnosed with Celiac Sprue have low immune systems as apposed to "normal" folk.

I was told in the very beginning when I was diagnosed that a low imune system comes with the side affects of being celiac.

Can anyone confirm they have hear this same thing. I'm always afraid of going to the hopsital and visiting family when they are there because I'm believing that I have a low immune system due to being celiac.

I am having my doctor do a test to measure my immune system, but in the meantime can anyone add any other info?


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from Peter on 2002-03-23

I have seen the opposite suggested - that the coeliac condition may be related to a more active imune system.
However I have the flu jabs and other vaccinations offered to coeliacs.


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-04-05


Yes, as I have heard and read a lot on it that it does apply
that celiacs do have lower ammune systems - I believe it's
more so if you're not taking care of yourself, as I had experienced before I was diagnosed. My doctor was great,
so I always had check ups and a flu shot. Anemia also goes
along with our disease.

Well good luck and keep to the diet - gluten-free - !
Places like this are an excellent outlet.


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-04-16

well my daughter was given her mmr before we knew about the coeliacs and she reacted really badly because her immune system was very low so i believe that it is true

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-05-28

Janet is right and wrong really!

There are some abnormalities in the immune system and for that reason I think it probably is a good idea to have an annual flu jab, and a single pneumococcal vaccine. (Don't have a second because there is a high incidence of local reaction if you do)

However, the real danger of coeliac disease is we all get too worked up about it and alter the way we live our lives, which there is no reason to do (apart from when we're eating, which is a pretty small percentage of our lives). There is certainly no reason not to visit sick people because you have coeliac disease.

(Just as well as as a GP my whole working life is spent being coughed on)

Regarding the MMR point, it is pretty rare for anyone to be diagnosed under 12 months (when the MMR is given in the UK) so the vast majority of children will have had the injection before they are diagnosed. There is no link between a reaction to this injection and coeliac disease and parents of coeliac children should be reassured they can have their routine jabs as normal


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-09-01

Befor I was diagnosed with celiac I was told I have a autoamune disease,(of unknown oragen), that was attacking my joints tendons and ligaments. So it is my personal beleaf that yes it does go along with celiac or vice/versa

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-12-01

I think my immune system is quite strong, even though I am coeliac. I never get a flu even when everyone around me has it! Before coeliac disease was diagnosed, I used to get ill only in times in which I was particularly anaemic and physically weak.


Re Immune System and Celiac: from Lori on 2005-04-13

I am an american and have used information from the uk often RE gluten Interalance. Your information regarding type I diabetes should also include type II it is associated with microscopic colitis (a gluten interalance as distructive as celiacs). My extended family has many autoimmunes and my children have had problems since birth and were breastfeed for their first year of life.
After the blood tests for IgA. Test for genes, ie. HLA many in the HLA-D chain are tested to be autoimmune. (HLA -DQ2 and HLA -DQ8 are the 95\% celiac) HLA-DQ3, HLA-DQ1 and HLA-DR? are not going to meet the 'gold standard" because microscopic colitis damages the large intestines. Entrolab.com and Dr. Fine are doing research and finding answers for the orphans even celiac has left behind.

Re Immune System and Celiac: from Peter on 2005-04-15

High prevalence of celiac sprue-like HLA-DQ genes and enteropathy in patients with the microscopic colitis syndrome.
Source Am J Gastroenterol (The American journal of gastroenterology.) 2000 Aug; 95(8) 1974-82
Additional Info UNITED STATES
Standard No ISSN 0002-9270; NLM Unique Journal Identifier 0421030
Language English
Abstract OBJECTIVE Celiac sprue is associated with specific HLA-DQ genes (mainly DQ2). Because there are epidemiological and histopathological similarities between celiac sprue and microscopic colitis, we hypothesized that these syndrome may share an HLA genetic predisposition and pathogenesis. METHODS The HLA-DQ genes of 25 patients with celiac sprue, 53 patients with the microscopic colitis syndrome, and 429 normal controls were typed and compared. Serum was analyzed for antigliadin and antiendomysial antibodies. Small intestinal biopsies were analyzed for signs of histopathology. RESULTS HLA-DQ2 or DQ1,3 (the latter as DQ1,7,DQ1,8, or DQ1,9) were seen more frequently in both patient groups relative to controls. In patients with the microscopic colitis syndrome, serological tests for celiac sprue were weakly positive in 17\%; mild inflammation of the small intestine without villous atrophy was present in 43\%, and inflammation plus partial or subtotal villous atrophy was present in 27\%. CONCLUSIONS A shared set of predisposing HLA-DQ genes account for the epidemiological overlap of celiac sprue and microscopic colitis. Mild to moderate mononuclear cell inflammation of the small intestine, often accompanied by partial or subtotal villous atrophy, is frequent in patients with the microscopic colitis syndrome. Although further studies will be necessary to determine if this enteropathy is induced by dietary gluten, we speculate that the small intestinal but not colonic histopathology in patients with microscopic colitis is caused by immunological gluten sensitivity.

Re Immune System and Celiac: from Joanne vennard on 2006-02-03

my friends daughter (11 years old) has been told here daughter has celiac,her symptoms are

ulscer in the mouth, they are really bad
unwell all the time
stomach wells up causing sever pain
but not anemic

wheat count low
gluton high

could any advise please.