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Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Norma Trickett on 2006-07-11

Can a gluten free diet help suffers of diverticulitus?

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2006-07-11

It is possible that diverticulitis in some cases only, may be a result of a reaction to certain foods. It is possible that it may be the result of a reaction to gluten.

Provided that you eat a healthy diet of fresh potato, rice, vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, you won't do yourself any harm by trying this gluten-free diet for a couple of months at least to see if there is any improvement.

Keep to the plain foods, avoid all manufactured food, and see what happens.

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Joanne on 2006-09-20

I am 40yrs old and have been having some problems with swollen/aching joints (mainly hands and toes) also the skin on my fingers has changed looking a little like mild excema. I went to see a rheumatoid consultant who took some blood tests and told me there was nothing sinister. He suggested that it was possible that I could have a wheat intolerence and to eliminate wheat from my diet.
Has anybody else had similar symptoms? and if so do I need to eliminate just wheat or all food containing gluten?

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2006-09-21

Your joint pains and skin rash could be caused by gluten. These are typical symptoms. It is best to eliminate all gluten for a couple of months to see if the problem subsides. If the symptoms do subside then stick to the diet.

Re: INFORMATION NEEDED: from Laura on 2007-06-09

Is there anywhere I can get a list of Gluten Free alcoholic drinks?

Re: INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2007-06-21

Pasta is often made from high gluten wheat, and is usually quickly digested.
You can sometimes be far more immediately aware of the symptoms from this.

If bread is from a low gluten wholemeal flour and coarsely ground this can reduce the symptoms, to the point where you may not notice them.
The gluten can still cause long term problems even if you are not aware of immediate discomfort.

The next step would be to ask your doctor for tests to see if you are reacting to gluten - before you put yourself on a gluten-free diet. If you wait then the tests do not work nearly as well.

If after consultation with your doctor, the evidence points to the need for a gluten-free diet you would need to cut out the bread as well, even if you feel that it is not causing any problems.

Re: INFORMATION NEEDED: from Tiffany on 2007-07-03

I have many of the symptoms of celiac, as do several other members of my family. I recently did blood testing with results that have been confusing to me, as my IgG4 was extremely LOW (4 mg/dL... reference 1-291) and the IgA was middle of the road at 254 mg/dL (reference 70-400).

Prior to testing I had cut back on gluten (couple months), though had not eliminated it completely. I know that I was still receiving some "hidden glutens", would occasionaly eat something with a tortilla, and had eaten 1 or 2 high gluten meals in the week or two before the test.

Nonetheless, removing gluten has made a world of difference for me, and I can always tell when I have slipped up with a food. e.g. Ate spelt bread yesterday, having problems today. Have used spelt in the past without problems, though it was a sourdough spelt. So now, with these blood test results and symptoms, would one recommend the biopsy, or just let it go and watch what I eat?



Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Kevin on 2007-11-06

Smirnoff Ice in Canada does not use malt, however Vodka is not always OK. There is grain vodka and potato vodka, the later is OK

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