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Re: INFORMATION NEEDED: from on 2004-04-11

DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW WETHER DISARONNO (almond liqueur) is aloud on a glutenfree diet

Re: INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2004-06-26

Spelt contains gluten and should not be eaten on a gluten-free diet.
Pasta is normally made from high gluten wheat and should be avoided totally!
Olive oil is OK
Wine vinegars and distilled vinegars are OK
All liqueurs that I know of are OK


Reinformation: from Peter on 2005-06-02

There is detailed information on a gluten-free diet at


Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from jim markusic on 2005-06-03

If you are on a gluten free (GF) diet, spelt is definately not an item on the grocery list as well as anything that is of wheat, oat, barley, and rye. You should contact your Dr. for a prescription diet which will at first exclude lactose and then reintroduce lactose to determine lactose intolerance. This is because people who have gluten intolerance will also have lactose intolerance but not in all cases, hence, the reason for reintroduction to determine levels of tolerance of lactose.

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Michael Power on 2005-12-22

We just put some DISARONNO in our cake icing for Christmas and also need to know if it is gluten and lactose free. Our daughter is celiac.
Thanks Michael

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2005-12-22

Disaronno is an italian liqueur. It would be gluten-free and lactose free.

The alcohol will evaporate from the icing, just leaving the flavouring substances and almond oil behind. - it should give it a good flavour!


Information: from Rekharaj on 2006-02-27

Dear Sir,
My son is 5 and half years old and is diagnised as borderline autism. Can I give him Lemons, soya products and apples can I use jaggery instead of sugar? which edible oil can I use for him? please advice
thanking you in anticipation

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from John Hargreaves on 2006-03-16

Help Please Needed

I am an IBS suffere who has had a sigmoid resection to treat severe diverticular desease and to have a portion of my large bowel removed from my pelvis where it was adhered to it.
I have started having severe and urgent bowel movements which leave me exhausted and trembling.
I am also diabetic type 2

Could this be due to a wheat intolerence?

Your suggestions are very welcome

Many Many thanks

Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from Peter on 2006-03-17

IBS is a label for a group of symptoms where often the cause is not known, but the Doctor may advise you of methods or drugs that may alleviate the symptoms.

People display a wide variety of allergic and intollerant responses to a variety of foodstuffs. These can result in a bewildering array of symptoms. - and not just in the digestive system.

Such a response can also be triggered by things like a bad intestinal virus, excessive consumption of abrasive foods, or a major operation.

Some cases of IBS will be pinned down to a specific food, and reactions to wheat or gluten can cause all the problems that you describe.

To start with keep a careful diary of everything that you eat, and the occurance of any symptoms. Manufactured foods contain too many different ingredients to make identification possible, so you will need to make your own meals from plain meat, fish, fruit, vegetables. Make sure you eat a wide variety - eating the same food every day also makes it difficult to identify if the food is causing the problem.


Re INFORMATION NEEDED: from gary on 2006-04-21

if you are on a gluten free diet is it it ok to drink smirnoff ice ? i know it is ok to drink vodka but wondered if smirnoff ice had any flavouring in it to prevent me!


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