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Is It Possible: from CICI on 2006-02-05

I first started having my symptoms in Feb. 05, it started out with a sence of fullness, then came the diarreah, pain and vomitting. Many test later showed a blockage in the lower intestines. 2 surgeries later and 3 different gastro dr.'s I still don't know why I have a blockage and what is actually wrong with me. My mother recentlty was reading information on celiac disease and decided to start me on a gluten free diet. I started to feel somewhat better and decided to ask my dr to do celiac test which I am still waiting on the results. I always felt better when I was hospilized and put on IV and fluids . Then once I came home and started my regular diet mostly canned sou[, pasta and rice I would get sick all over again.

If anybody can relate to what I am going through please let me hear from you.


Is It Possible: from sam on 2008-02-17

my mother is a diagnosed coeliac and after months of being unwell the hospital did a biopsy and blood test a nd the result was positive with a number of 607. I have been told that anything above 8 in considered positive so how bad is this?

Please can anyone help i really need some answers

Is It Possible: from Darshi on 2010-11-15

I can relate. same symptoms. same confusion. I have started gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diet (I am vegetarian also) and am much improved. Very challenging to determine what to eat since many foods have hidden gluten ingredients. But when you are ready (and you will know), try to eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar. After your gut heals (6 months or longer sometimes), slowly add back one item at a time.

I think it is just that your gut gave you all it could, and now it needs a vacation. By eliminating the foods that are more complex for digestion, it can't heal properly; so cut out all complicated foods - eat simply - and let it heal. If you stay strict, it can heal properly and allow you to once again consume complicated foods in moderation.

Not a doctor, but had these symptoms for 3 years now and I'm ready for improvements