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Re: is Maltodextrine also Malt: from Laura on 2007-07-05

Thanks you for your message board. It is very helpful.

Can you tell me if Maltodextrin is the same thing as Malt? I find it in my iced tea. And, is cola a product that should be avoided.

Another point that I am confused about: Do people with Celiacs tend to be over- or underweight prior to diagnoses. I would have thought that the IBS symthoms would cause weight loss, however, a friend was telling me that if I truly had Celiacs, I would be overweight as a result of being unable to process the flour. This does not make sense to me because white flour products tend to fly through my system... practically undigested.



Re: is Maltodextrine also Malt: from Louise McNamara on 2008-06-16

Maltodextrin although from a gluten containing ingredient is supposed to be so processed that it can be considered gluten free. But I think it depends on how tolerant you are. I know I have problems if I eat/drink anything with this kind of ingredient.

Also most coeliacs are underweight before diagnosis, due to the damage in the gut so you can't absorb food properly and the food just passes on through. I know I am only starting to put on a bit of weight again several months after being diagnosed.

hope this helps


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